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    We call step three the “secret step” for a good reason. A soil customization plan is something that not many people consider, or are even aware exists, but we want to change that! The team at High Prairie Outdoors has worked tirelessly to develop our soil customization process.

    If you’ve worked with another Kansas City landscape company in the past, did they test your soil? Most landscapers don’t bring up the topic of soil quality with their customers because they believe it’s more economical to use a standard type of “all-purpose” compost. While this type of compost can provide some improvement to the soil found in the Kansas City landscape, it’s really not that effective, and—not surprisingly—the results are mediocre. A one-size-fits-all approach to landscaping just isn’t suitable for our region.

    You want to be able to design a landscape that allows you to choose from the most extensive variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees, without worrying about whether it’s possible for them to thrive in the Kansas City landscape. Don’t limit yourself to only the “tried-and-true” classics available at most local growers. With a soil customization plan, the possibilities are practically endless.

    Our Kansas City landscape company knows what goes into award-winning landscapes, and we want to help you achieve your landscaping goals with nutrient-rich soil.

    Soil Basics

    Soil is made up of varying combinations of minerals, organic material (both dead and alive), water, and air. Plants depend on soil for the nutrients they need, so it’s critical that your landscape’s soil is optimized to allow your plants to thrive. High-quality soil is the foundation of healthy plants.

    The soil in and around Kansas City is known for its high clay content and “heaviness.” Soil of this consistency is prone to retaining water for too long after a rainfall. During wetter times of the year, it’s hard for plants to deal with the excess moisture. To find out whether or not this may be an issue on your property, have your soil professionally tested before planting (more on this below).

    Your Soil Customization Plan

    High Prairie Outdoors’s soil customization plans are tailored to your specific property. There are four steps to the process.

    1. Soil Fertility Testing

    The first step in your soil customization plan is to have your current soil tested to determine its exact make-up and level of fertility. Testing will determine whether your soil is acidic, alkaline, or neutral, and it reveals whether any desired elements are low or absent. If you have an insufficient amount of nutrients in your soil, your plants will struggle.

    The University of Missouri Extension Center, the Kansas State Extension Center, and the County Extension Office offer thorough, highly accurate soil testing. High Prairie Outdoors can arrange to have the testing done for you and handle all of the logistics.

    1. Analysis of Your Soil Test Results

    Now, we’ll carefully analyze the results of your soil test and create a report that explains the findings in plain language. This information will be invaluable to help you create the healthy, thriving Kansas City landscape you’re after. We’ll answer any questions you may have so that you are confident in your understanding of the results and can use the findings to your advantage in the planting process.

    1. Create Your Custom Soil Plan

    Once you’ve reviewed the analysis of your soil test results, we’ll work with you to create the perfect soil for your desired plants. This can be thought of as “soil engineering” to bring your specific soil up to optimum performance levels. We’ll ensure your custom soil has an abundance of the right nutrients, and that the pH level is optimized for maximum plant health. We’ll also make sure the soil’s consistency allows for proper drainage. This highly innovative approach is far superior to the industry norm of recommending all-purpose compost.

    Fun fact: Our Kansas City landscape company is working on a custom line of Kansas City compost, created with all local materials from controlled sources and disease-free environments.

    1. Implement Your Customized Soil Plan

    When your new soil is ready, and you have all of your plants selected, it’s planting time. It won’t be long before you see incredible results. The “secret step” virtually guarantees that your guests will be blown away by the lushness of your new landscaping. They won’t know how you did it!

    If you’re ready to get started on an award-winning landscape, contact High Prairie Outdoors today.

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