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Olathe Outdoor Kitchens, Patios & Pergolas ​

Olathe has a variety of landscaping designs that range from very traditional European-inspired landscapes, all the way to a naturalized country garden feel.


Olathe Outdoor Kitchens, Patios & Pergolas

Olathe has a variety of landscaping designs that range from very traditional European-inspired landscapes, all the way to a naturalized country garden feel. Olathe is large and broken up into several distinct areas. Cedar Creek is to the west, beautiful rural areas to the west and the south, and more urban areas with amazing intimate spaces as well. 


Code Compliance Is Essential

When you’re planning an outdoor living space project, it’s important to know what your local regulations and codes are. In Olathe and the KC area, most large outdoor projects are going to require a permit, particularly if any hardscaping is involved. Not getting the proper permits could lead to hefty fines and penalties, such as taking down the whole thing. Luckily, when you work with High Prairie Outdoors, we’ll handle all of the research and permits for you.

Consider Project Scope

Your project scope is going to impact whether or not you need a permit, but chances are, any large outdoor project is going to require a permit. Permits are almost always needed for projects that involve hardscaping, patios, roofing, pools, pergolas that are attached to the home, and many other outdoor projects. The scope of your project will also determine whether or not you need any involvement from local officials.

Research HOA Guidelines

Not all homes are within an HOA, but many are. Before you get your heart set on a specific design for your new outdoor space, it’s important that you make sure your plans don’t go against your HOA’s rules and regulations. If you go ahead with plans that don’t fit the guidelines, you could be left with consequences like having to cancel the project.


Working With Experienced Professionals Can Make All The Difference

While permits and regulatory compliance can be complicated for the average person, working with a licensed, general contractor can be the single biggest thing you can do to ensure the success of your project. When you partner with High Prairie Outdoors, we’ll be with you every step of the way. We even have in-house engineers and architects if your project needs their approval.


Olathe Outdoor Kitchens, Patios & Pergolas

Olathe, and Kansas in general, is known for having relatively beautiful weather for most of the year, and this means that homeowners are often looking for ways to maximize the use of their outdoor living spaces. One of the most common ways to extend the use of your property well into the cooler months is by installing hardscaping or a patio. This can extend the use of your living space, and provide more room for leisure and activities. 

Additionally, your hardscaping can be further customized and upgraded to provide a true extension of your home that blends interior and exterior living spaces into a true all-season outdoor space. 

Installing a pergola can provide cooling shade in the summer, and automatic louvered models can even provide shelter from rain, ice, and snow. Combined with integrated lighting and sound systems, and optional heating, they can offer a luxurious outdoor gathering space. Add a professional outdoor kitchen and you can create expansive feasts and modest meals that will keep friends and family gathering there for many years to come. 


Olathe Organic Lawn Servicing Program

The beauty of the lawns and landscaping of Olathe homes is unmistakable, but in many cases, that beauty takes a significant investment of both time and effort. This generally includes working with a professional to ensure the proper feedings happen at appropriate intervals, and that any problems are addressed. 

We offer a fully organic lawn servicing program that is designed to keep your landscaping and lawn looking great all year round, with only a minimal investment of effort on your part. All you need to do is reach out to one of our lawn service experts, and we’ll begin building you a lawn servicing plan that meets your needs, while also keeping your family safe from excessive synthetic chemical fertilizers. 


Custom Stainless Steel & Gunite Pools Near Olathe

For homes in and around Olathe, one of the biggest and most value-adding upgrades homeowners can make to their homes is installing a custom stainless steel or gunite pool. In the past, having a custom pool installed was often something often out of reach for the average homeowner, but with these materials, it’s easier than ever to have a custom pool designed and installed.

Both gunite and stainless steel give a beautiful appearance to the finished product, but they are also both incredibly durable and resistant to pool chemicals, which gives them longevity as well. Additionally, since they are easy to work with, they are far more versatile than other materials, and therefore easier to customize and individualize. Designing a custom pool can be a complex and lengthy process, however, so make sure you work with experienced professionals like the ones at High Prairie Outdoors.

The Proven Process



We’ll meet at our studio to discuss your project so you can select a design package.


Your designer will meet with you to collect info about your project.


We’ll meet at our studio to review your detailed design and discuss materials.


You get to enjoy the comfort, beauty, and excitement of your transformed property!