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Searching for Kansas City landscaping maintenance companies? Let High Prairie Outdoors help you nourish the outdoor living space of your dreams

Our Kansas City Landscaping Makes Garden Care Seem Effortless

You’re busy and successful. Your home is your castle. And you want your landscape to match.

But after working hard all week managing business and family, the last thing you want to do is spend time fighting with your mower or on your hands and knees pulling prickly weeds.

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It’s OK to admit that landscaping may not be at the top of your to-do list. After all, you have to keep the inside clean and tidy, too, and you have other things on your plate. We won’t judge. Sometimes, the best way to unwind on the weekends is to actually enjoy the yard you’ve built — whether that’s taking a dip in the pool, relaxing on the patio, or grilling in your outdoor kitchen.

Finding a Kansas City landscaping company that can help you maintain your landscape investment may be exactly what you need.

In addition to landscape maintenance, we offer enhancements like seasonal color and holiday lighting design and installation to give you all the services you need to make your home look amazing year-round.

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Seasonal Color
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Boost Your Mental State With A Well-Maintained Landscape

A yard covered in messy shrubs, littered with leaves and twigs, and spotted with weeds may be stressing you out.

But coming home to an organized and well-kept oasis without blemishes can bring you a sense of pride, in addition to lightness and peace, melting stress almost instantly.

Being surrounded by tended greenery also makes the air fresher. Happy grass, plants, and trees produce more oxygen and cleaner air around you.

This is how well-maintained landscaping should make you feel.

Making Landscape Maintenance Easier

We know you’re busy. And if you’ve already chosen to work with a landscape professional, then you don’t want to have to micromanage the process. Because how much time is that really saving you?

You shouldn’t have to check in on when your landscape crew is showing up or alert them to issues you’re seeing that are being neglected on your property. You want a company that respects high standards and holds true to them.

We feel the same way. In fact, we’re fanatical about it. We know being proactive means your property looks good, and that makes us proud. We use an online customer service portal to ensure you have as much communication as you need about your outdoor investment.

Don’t be frustrated another day with how your landscape looks. Let us stop by and show you what we can do. You’ll be so thrilled with how your yard looks, you won’t want to go back inside.

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Your account manager will meet with you to collect info about your needs.


We’ll provide you with a detailed plan to maintain your property throughout the year.


You get to enjoy the peace of mind of a beautiful, worry-free property!

A Better Outdoor Space is a Click Away

If you’re lucky enough to snag a spot on High Prairie’s schedule, jump on it! We did extensive research before choosing High Prairie and their performance matches their impeccable reputation. We had hired a “cheaper” option to build a landscape and patio for us and were left disappointed with poor quality and even poorer customer service. High Prairie was chosen to re-design and build a new space that surpasses what we had hoped for. They’ve given us faith in contractors again! Don’t go cheap like we did and have to fix it, hire quality the first time. It’s more affordable in the long run! We wish we had found High Prairie sooner.

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