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Prairie Village Outdoor Kitchens, Patios & Pergolas ​

Prairie Village is, geographically, a diverse pocket of character and history with lots that range from intimate to expansive.


Prairie Village Outdoor Kitchens, Patios & Pergolas

Prairie Village is, geographically, a diverse pocket of character and history with lots that range from intimate to expansive. No two homes are alike, and that’s one of the reasons that Prairie Village is such a beloved area to live in. In addition to more traditional landscaping styles, Prairie Village homes often have requests for more European landscaping styles, and recently, the increase in new construction has led to a rise in requests for modern, contemporary, and even rustic styles.


Before You Start Planning Consider The Regulatory Requirements

For homeowners that are considering installing or upgrading their outdoor living space, understanding what regulatory hurdles may be encountered can be helpful. Among the countless important decisions that you’ll need to make when planning and designing your outdoor space, one of the biggest is going to be the municipal or city permission to actually undertake the construction project. In many areas of the KC metro, this means getting appropriate permits and following required building or construction codes.

Homeowners that neglect to arrange for permits, which must often be obtained well before the project start date, there can be significant ramifications. The potential penalties can include work on the project being stopped by local authorities, the possibility of considerable fines, and even being forced to remove the structure entirely in extreme cases. Working with an experienced and trusted local general contractor like High Prairie Outdoors can help you avoid this entire situation because we’ll take care of all needed permits and permissions.

In addition to making sure that we take care of all of the needed research, surveys, drainage assessments, permits, and more, we also are our own licensed general contractors. This means we won’t hire out your project to a subcontractor you’ve never dealt with. Not only that, but we handle all of our engineering and architectural needs in-house, for all projects that we take on. This means if your structure needs engineer approval, or a stamp from an architect, we’ve got it covered, and you won’t need to look anywhere else.


Prairie Village Outdoor Kitchens, Patios & Pergolas

Prairie Village, and the KC region in general, is blessed with gorgeous weather for most of the year, and this means that homeowners and residents want to maximize their enjoyment of outdoor spaces as much as possible. For many homeowners, this also means considering adding components like outdoor kitchens or even a pergola to their outdoor living space plans.

Pergolas are the perfect way to add on-demand shade to your Prairie Village backyard and are the perfect addition to a new custom pool or patio space. They are rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to extend your interior living space into your outdoor spaces and can help turn your patio into an all-season retreat.


Prairie Village Fire Pits & Outdoor Kitchens

For homeowners who want a true four-season space, as well as other considerable benefits, having a fire pit or other fire feature installed on your patio or in your hardscaped pool surround area is a perfect idea. Not only will the fire pit create a welcoming and inviting place to gather and relax, but it can act as a focal point as well. This focal point can be useful for entertaining, or simply having a nice family meal outside.

To cook that meal, or prepare bountiful feasts for friends and family, having an outdoor kitchen created in your outdoor living space can be the perfect way to bond over food while enjoying the beautiful weather. Outdoor kitchens can be designed to be just as versatile as indoor kitchens, even able to make holiday meals for all four seasons.


Custom Stainless Steel & Gunite Pools near Prairie Village

Arguably, one of the biggest and most significant outdoor living space changes that a homeowner can make to their Prairie Village home is to have a custom stainless steel or gunite pool installed. Having a pool installed can be a gorgeous space for family leisure time, and it can make a new favorite space for social gatherings and general entertaining. Custom pools, however, are rapidly becoming one of the most popular options, due in no small part to the fact that stainless steel and gunite are so incredibly durable and long-lasting, not to mention they are very easy to use in custom builds.

When you’re thinking about having a custom pool designed and installed, there are some important factors to consider, and the size and location of the pool and surrounding patio area are only the beginning. Be sure you work with a local professional like High Prairie Outdoors, we have the expertise to help you realize your vision, and we’ll even take care of the small but important details like permits.

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