What is Hardscape Cleaning and Servicing?

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    Hardscape cleaning is an integral part of maintaining the beauty and integrity of your outdoor living spaces. From the pavers on your driveway to the brickwork of your patio, each detail plays a part in the overall functionality and aesthetic of your landscape. We’re going to take a closer look at what hardscape cleaning and servicing entails, the importance of regular maintenance, and how High Prairie Outdoors can help you keep your outdoor living spaces in great shape.

    Understanding Hardscapes and Their Maintenance

    All of the hard surfaces outdoors are hardscaping. This includes sidewalks, driveways, patios, and any other brick, stone, paver, or concrete surface. These surfaces are designed with durability in mind, but like with most things, some upkeep is required. Over time, these hard surfaces are impacted by wear and tear caused by usage and exposure to the elements. From moss growth to staining to the movement of joining sands, these hard surfaces require regular maintenance to keep their appearance and functionality in top shape.

    The Importance of Regular Hardscape Cleaning

    There are several reasons that hardscaping cleaning is crucial. The main reason people keep up with cleaning their hardscaping is that it maintains the aesthetic appeal of your landscape. Concrete and many other hard surfaces are porous so they can stain easily, and they also accumulate soil and plant material. In addition to looking nice, keeping your hardscapes clean can prevent structural problems. When plant material and soil accumulate, they can cause damage over time. Ants and moss need to be removed as well, as they can create cavities that destabilize the surfaces.

    Regular cleaning of your hardscapes not only keeps them looking nice, but it helps enhance their longevity. Appearances are important, but routine servicing ensures your hardscapes are going to be long-lasting, providing a return on your investment.

    Hardscape Cleaning and Servicing at High Prairie Outdoors

    At High Prairie Outdoors, we understand how important hardscape cleaning and maintenance is, but we also understand that not everyone can handle the maintenance on their own. With our comprehensive cleaning and servicing packages, we can address all of your hardscape needs.

    Our hardscape cleaning and servicing packages include twice annual hardscape cleaning, using specialized tools and cleaners that are pet and plant safe and specific to your hardscape materials. This specific attention to detail ensures your hardscapes are cleaned both effectively and safely.

    In addition to cleaning, we also include updating and servicing joint stabilizers and sands as needed. This often-overlooked maintenance step is crucial in maintaining the structural integrity of your hardscapes and preventing any potential damage.

    If you need added protection, we offer yearly hardscape sealing as well. Many homeowners opt to have their hardscapes sealed because it deters staining, soil accumulation, and the growth of weeds, moss, and ants.

    These services are generally conducted during spring and summer visits, but you can also add a fall visit as well. This additional visit is beneficial while preparing for the fall and winter, as it prevents leaf staining.


    Your hardscapes are an important element of your outdoor space and deserve as much care as the landscapes that surround them. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your hardscapes enhances the appearance of these surfaces as well as ensuring their longevity. You can trust High Prairie Outdoors to provide professional and comprehensive hardscape cleaning and servicing that keeps your outdoor space looking its best. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your exterior remodeling projects.

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