What is the High Prairie Hygge Inspired Experience Driven Process?

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    The Hygge inspired experience is the foundational philosophy of High Prairie Outdoors’ approach to exterior design and construction. This unique method blends our distinctive design and build process with the Danish concept of ‘hygge’, which fosters outdoor environments that prioritize meaningful interactions, contentment, and well-being. Let’s take a closer look at what the hygge inspired experience can bring to your home.

    The Hygge Inspired Experience: An Embrace of Comfort and Connection

    Originating in Denmark, hygge (pronounce hue-guh) is a design concept that focuses on coziness, togetherness, and comfort through creating meaningful experiences with your loved ones. We weave this concept into every project we undertake through our High Prairie Hygge-Inspired Experience Driven Process. This design strategy emphasizes designing customized environments fostered towards creating those meaningful experiences.

    Our goal in using the Hygge inspired experience is to help our clients explore and define how their families unwind, play, and bond in their outdoor spaces. Many people have plenty of space outside but don’t use it to its full potential. It’s important to spend time outdoors with those we care about, so we take extra care with each design to ensure our clients have a plan that is meticulously customized to give each family a unique blueprint focused on connection and tranquility.

    The Three Key Pillars: Connection, Relaxation, and Fun

    The foundation of our hygge approach centers on three life-enhancing elements: connection, fun, and relaxation. It’s important to enjoy our time while we’re here, so focusing on these elements is a great way to help families strengthen their bonds. We use the client’s wishes and lifestyle goals into account and use these three core areas to guide the design process. This ensures that each project we undertake is just as psychologically fulfilling as it is visually pleasing.

    The Design Discovery Meeting: Initial Step of the Hygge Inspired Experience

    The first step in every homeowner’s design process is a Design Discovery Meeting at our studio. During this meeting, we start your journey into a Hygge inspired experience by delving into your family’s vision for your outdoor space, focusing on how it aligns with our three life-enhancing pillars. This information becomes the basis for all of our subsequent design plans.

    Deep Dive Survey: Exploring Wishes and Lifestyle Goals

    Following the Design Discovery Meeting, we embark on our deep-dive survey. During this comprehensive exploration, your family can really figure out your desires and lifestyle aspirations in relation to the central pillars of connection, relaxation, and fun. The data collected from this survey helps our designer create concepts that are tailored to the family’s needs and wants in relation to the three pillars.

    At High Prairie Outdoors, our commitment is to transform your outdoor spaces, creating an atmosphere that shows your family’s personality and needs. Through the Hygge inspired experience, these ideas are brought to life through carefully crafted outdoor spaces that are visually pleasing and centered around fostering relaxation, connections, and enjoyment.

    Sure, we’re a landscaping company so we do focus on remodeling your outdoor space, but we do so with intent. We want you and your family to have a sanctuary at home where you can go relax and unwind, as well as interact and connect with those that you care most about. At High Prairie Outdoors, we want you and your loved ones to experience life together to the fullest. So, why not contact High Prairie Outdoors today and start your journey toward creating your personalized outdoor paradise?

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