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    Before hiring a professional landscaper there are a few things to consider. Your property reflects you as a homeowner, increases curb appeal and adds to your enjoyment. Choosing the right landscaper to express these advantages means holding out for a team that shares your vision and promises fast, affordable, quality results.

    As a leading landscaping company here in Kansas, High Prairie Outdoors receives many questions about what homeowners should look for in a landscape company. Here, we have compiled a list of questions to ask potential companies as you expand your search.

    1. What Type of Projects Have You Successfully Completed in the Past?

    Depending on what you want to achieve on your property, your choice of landscaper could directly influence a project’s viability. For example, if you want to put in a large water feature, it is best to choose a landscaping firm that has experience with large projects and water features. The potential company may even have previous client projects in their portfolio to provide some samples of what they could do in your yard.

    2. What Services do You Provide?

    This question leads out from your first inquiry about past work. However, it is more general regarding all the services available to you as a client. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make while hiring landscaping teams is assuming they offer all landscaping services. Every business is different.

    A great example of a service to focus on during this portion of your interview is swimming pools. Some landscapers provide pool cleaning and maintenance because the pool is part of the property. Other landscapers focus only on living projects and plants. Similarly, if you want to add a new deck to your home, some landscapers are happy to supply this service, while others focus on lawns and gardens.

    3. What Type of Credentials do You Hold?

    Insurance for landscapers and certification are a major concern in landscaping. There are multiple types of large machinery, dangerous equipment, and tough tasks which could lead to injury on the job. Ensuring your landscaping team is properly trained in safety procedures, insured in case of an incident, and certified to be using the machinery they are using are all crucial to the successful outcome of your project.

    As a homeowner, not checking on landscaping credentials could lead to a nasty accident or future lawsuit. In the state of Kansas, there are no specific landscaping licenses to acquire, but large equipment can only be operated by those with training or licensure.

    4. What Kind of Specialists Comprise Your Team?

    Some landscaping firms are a basic group of lawn care specialists, others have a full-service team of architects, engineers, construction consultants, and more. Again, your need for specialists on staff will depend on the project you are undertaking. Large projects with big builds may require the use of a contractor or architect to get the job done correctly.

    5. Can You Offer Realistic Quotes and Project Sketches?

    The worst thing for any homeowner is receiving a quote from Kansas City landscapers only to learn it is not as accurate as you had hoped. Being overcharged for landscaping services leaves less to put toward future projects. Asking a potential landscaping business about the reliability of their quotes and pre-project sketches ensures there are no shocks in store following the project commencement.

    There are multiple types of design software and apps available now to create stunning projections of a landscaping layout. Asking your landscaper if they can provide you with this before a build also gives you the opportunity to make any changes before the project begins.

    6. Do You Offer Long-Term Maintenance?

    Knowing your landscaper will see a project through to completion is not always enough. Modern homeowners are looking for companies they can trust long term. Be sure to ask what the long-term maintenance services are like, and if you can count on them to not only finish a project but continue nurturing it.

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