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    A swimming pool is a luxury in Kansas City, especially during the steamy summer months. Caring for a pool can become a hassle, especially if you are new to the process. Here at High Prairie Landscaping, we know a thing or two about pool maintenance. As an authority in lawn and pool care, we strive to provide our friends and neighbors with the best support and resources on managing your own property with or without our help.

    To get you started on your pool maintenance, here are some tips to use during the swimming season.

    Clean it Regularly

    This sounds like common sense, but many pool owners assume they only need to clean the pool if they are about to use it. Cleaning your pool regularly keeps your chlorine levels even, reduces the risk of bacterial growth, and keeps debris from damaging the pool lining.

    Throughout the week your pool will collect insects, falling leaves and twigs, and sometimes even an unfortunate neighborhood creature that has fallen in and could not get back out. By cleaning your pool once a day, or every second day, you ensure all is well and there is nothing lurking in the water that you do not want to swim in later.

    Rinse Your Skimmer

    Believe it or not, the basket you use to skim your pool can collect bacteria as well. The longer the pool skimmer sits with leaves and insects stuck in its net, the higher the risk that the bacteria transfer to your water the next time you go for a dip.

    You can clean your skimmer with soap and water once a week, but a good hard rinse with the hose should do following a pool cleaning.

    Keep Your pH Balance at 7.4

    Obviously, it is not always possible to maintain a pH of 7.4, but we recommend that our clients try to keep the chemistry between 7.2 and 7.8. This is the safe zone for swimming as the acid level is not too high or too low.

    As your chlorine levels become too high, you will notice your pH scale lower. This can be dangerous for your skin and hair. If the pH goes below 7.2 consider waiting for the chlorine intensity to reduce. Similarly, you do not want to risk your pH getting too high as it could mean your chlorine has stopped working altogether.

    Maintain the Water Level

    The water in your pool not only affects the quality of your swim in terms of depth, but it also regulates the pH balance change. If your water levels get too low, your chlorine levels may get too high and your pH levels may increase. Your pool likely has a fill line by which you can accurately measure pool depth. However, if there is not a marker, try to keep your water level with the skimmer. There is also a risk of your pump getting dried out if the level drops too low.

    Check for Damage

    Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, damage can occur. Check for cracks, leaks, scrapes, bends, and warped areas in the pool that could be signs of greater damage to come. By catching these problems early, you can rectify them and increase the longevity of your pool life.

    This is an aspect of pool ownership that only needs to occur once every few months. You can do it naturally during a dip or take the time to schedule a pool check with your local pool maintenance and landscaping experts.

    Keep it Covered

    Covering your pool at night helps maintain the cleanliness of your water, decreasing the need for excess skimming. While you will still need to monitor water level, pH balance, and chlorine content, covering your pool will reduce falling debris from gathering in the pool water and deter insects from taking an interest.

    Be sure to measure your pool before investing in a cover so you get a good seal. If the cover slips from one side to the next, it will not block falling debris.

    Call the Professionals

    At High Prairie Landscaping, we have made a name for ourselves in landscaping, lawn care, outdoor kitchens, patios, retaining walls, and even swimming pool installation and maintenance. It is important to us that all our clients, friends, and neighbors here in Kansas City have the pool of their dreams.

    If you are interested in learning more about swimming pool maintenance and our pool installation services, we invite you to contact High Prairie Landscaping at 1-816-398-2901.

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