Large Estate multi-acre Outdoor Living: How is it Different from Conventional Landscaping

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    When it comes to large estate multi-acre outdoor living space projects, they can be vastly different from other more conventional landscaping projects. They are an unparalleled opportunity for aesthetic and functional design. Unlike traditional landscaping, it often has a much broader vision, strategic design components, and expert project management. We’re going to look at some of these major differences, and why you should reach out to High Prairie Outdoors if you’re considering an outdoor project with a larger scope than conventional landscaping.

    The Craft of Estate Outdoor Living

    Estate or multi-acre outdoor living design is more than just a landscaping maintenance plan for mowing and planting a few trees. It’s going to involve the complex task of organizing and curating a unique and often highly personalized environment that can accommodate the activities of the estate residents, while also showcasing the natural beauty of the land itself. At High Prairie Outdoors, we pride ourselves on our ability to craft fully transformational outdoor living projects with a crystal clear understanding of the scale and complexity that large estate property projects demand.

    The Complexity of Design and Project Management

    Designing for large estate multi-acre outdoor living projects can be a monumental task, depending on the size of the property. It requires a thorough understanding of horticulture, design principles, architecture, engineering, and more. Not only must the existing architecture and topology, soil condition, climate, and native vegetation be considered, but a plan must be created to harmonize the intricate designs of the natural and engineered components. All of this must be accomplished, while still meeting benchmarks for functionality and comfort.

    Opportunities for Creativity

    Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to, and exciting aspects of, planning outdoor living projects for larger estates, is the massive potential to exercise creativity. Such an expansive space allows the freedom to create stunning and immersive destinations, scenic paths and walkways, and even strategic vignettes. The very estate itself becomes the canvas upon which anything you dream can be expressed. This acceptance of open-ended creativity is one of the largest reasons to work with an experienced company like High Prairie Outdoors, which has an extensive track record of creating one-of-a-kind outdoor living spaces.

    Multi-Stage Project Implementation and Care

    Unlike smaller-scale conventional landscaping projects, larger estate projects will typically be undertaken in stages. This layered, methodical approach allows us the opportunity to ensure that every element of the design is executed perfectly and in alignment with the expected timeline. Additionally, the meticulous care that our local team of experts gives to each project they take on is nothing short of phenomenal. The combined knowledge and skills of our team are at your disposal, ready to create an outdoor living space of the highest quality, and then provide maintenance to match

    The High Prairie Outdoors Promise

    Designing for large estate multi-acre outdoor living isn’t only about aesthetics, as you can see. It’s about creating a lifestyle that provides a perfect blend of tranquility and adventure, solitude and social gatherings, functionality, and indulgence. At High Prairie Outdoors, we are driven to completely transform your estate into your sanctuary, where each moment you spend there becomes a cherished memory.

    Your dream of an elegant and luxurious outdoor living space is just a phone call or web click away. Reach out to High Prairie Outdoors today for more information about what we can do for your property, or to get started with an appointment. 

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