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Bring Your Kansas City Landscape Design Dreams to Life

Is there anything more exciting than coming home?

You pull into your driveway and your landscape welcomes you with a warm embrace of lush, well-kept greenery and bold, vibrant color. Your home rises up, accentuated by the hardscape textures, the plays of soft floral and strong stone elements, and the signature floral palette that is uniquely you.

You walk through your home and your next thought is to grab your favorite beverage and retreat to your backyard oasis. There, a gourmet outdoor kitchen and patio says, “Come on over,” while a water feature trickles in the background sending you instantly soothing vibes. Your pool is ready for a refreshing dip and your elegant stone fireplace is standing by to warm you up when you need it.
Patio White House Design Kansas City

Who needs vacation? Your backyard is your dream escape, and it’s all yours.

And then you wake up and look outside.

  • Is your yard less than the landscape of your dreams?
  • Do you feel like you have the messy landscape your neighbors secretly whisper about behind your back?
  • Do you wish for style that is distinctively you, color that brings you joy, and outdoor living spaces you can really use?

Don’t let a lackluster, dysfunctional property get you down.

We know you crave some great ideas and are tired of corner-cutting contractors who lack imagination and the knowledge that can take your Kansas City landscape design and build to that next level.

Ready to make that vision you’ve been dreaming of become your new reality? It’s time to get excited. Don’t stress about the details and just start dreaming.

We’ll take care of all of the essential elements so you can hone in on loving your new landscape.

Pools & Spas

You know Kansas City summers are hot and muggy with those average daily temperatures above 80 degrees. Wouldn’t taking a daily dip be a refreshing escape?

Whether you want a pool and hot tub pairing to enjoy both summers and winters in your backyard or an Olympic-sized swimming space you can use for exercise and recreation, our pool installation experts are ready to create your durable, long-lasting, and enjoyable waterscape.

Kansas City Luxury Pool
pergola bar counter Kansas City

Patios & Hardscapes

You want to gather with friends and family in a space that has the look and feel you need for entertainment one day, and relax in a setting that gives you privacy and space the next. You can have the best of both. This is where memories are made — that is, if your hardscape meets your needs.

You tell us how you want to use it and where you need it, and we’ll show you materials you can touch and feel, and then deliver a solid installation that stands the test of time.

Fireplaces & Fire Pits

There’s something about a fireplace’s dancing flames that calls you over — whether you want to curl up and watch its magic or roast s’mores with your children and grandchildren over its flames.

If making memories amid the glowing embers is a creature comfort that you don’t want to live without, we can show you how to bring the fire.
Round Stone Fire Pit Design Kansas City
Patio Grill Landscape Design Kansas City

Outdoor Kitchens

Kansas City folks love barbecue. It’s no secret. They also love their craft beer. And there’s no better place to enjoy both than in your own outdoor kitchen.

Bring on the gourmet grill, marble countertops, and storage for all the essentials. Whether you’re looking for an herb-garden-focused quaint cooking garden with a grill or a grand chef’s escape that puts your indoor kitchen to shame, we’ve got the experts who can deliver the goods.

Landscape Lighting

If you love the night life, then you’ll love the atmosphere landscape lighting brings to your outdoor spaces.

You think you love your backyard during the daylight hours? Just imagine what we can do to make it radiate in the evening. There are colors, styles, and fixtures that suit any space, but, more importantly, we illuminate the space right so the fixtures are really secondary and the light is what brings you that feeling of safety and delight.

Louvered pergola Kansas City
Bollard Speaker Garden Design Kansas City

Outdoor Sound Systems

You’re outside enjoying your patio, and your favorite music is playing. All your guests are relaxing and softly bobbing their heads to the beat. It sets the perfect party atmosphere.

An outdoor sound system can enable you to enjoy music whether you’re grilling hamburgers, sipping lemonade in the sun, or soaking in your hot tub. Let us show you what a little background music can do.

Retaining Walls

You have slopes. And maybe it drives you a little crazy. Don’t let it. We’ve got the answer: retaining walls.

Cascading or tiered retaining wall gardens can be both functional and beautiful, holding soil in place and bringing you some much-needed structure.

Walk Step Garden Design Kanas City
Brigde With Stones Design Kansas City

Water Management and Drainage

It’s raining and pouring … and you are stressed out. All you see is flooding and water damage potential. All we see is a drainage solution.

We can provide options that address vulnerable areas on your property so when you see those yellow and red splotches approaching on the weather radar, you no longer have to worry.


Sure, we have our favorite classic, reliable plants for Kansas City landscape designs, but we’re plant geeks. That means we like to stay on top of the latest and greatest and bring a plant palette to the area that nobody else has.

Bigger blooms. Longer color punches. Unique attributes. We know you don’t want what the Jones have. Let us bring you something a little different that your neighbors will be asking about for years to come.

Gardening Design Kansas City
Renson pergola Kansas City

Pergolas and Patio Structures

What’s an automated pergola? Imagine the beauty and comfort of a pergola combined with the benefits of being rainproof. Automated pergolas have louvered beams that open or close with the push of a button, similar to a pergola with a roof. You don’t have to sacrifice sunshine on nice days or run inside on rainy days. No more cancelled patio parties.


We’ll meet at our studio to discuss your project so you can select a design package.


Your designer will meet with you to collect info about your project.


We’ll meet at our studio to review your detailed design and discuss materials.


You get to enjoy the comfort, beauty, and excitement of your transformed property!

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Kansas City Landscape Design & Build FAQ

Landscapes can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The range is largely dependent upon your design, size of plants used, and existing conditions. Most landscapes range from $6000 to over $50,000 for the planting. Estates can be over $50,000 for landscape planting. Front landscapes range from $6000 to $35,000. At High Prairie, our projects begin at $20,000.

A High Prairie Landscape is designed to get better over time while maximizing your family’s enjoyment outdoors. Our proprietary “Experience Driven Design Process” dives deep into the things that help your family relax, connect, and play in the outdoors. The resulting design forms the foundation of a landscape installed with lasting principals in mind: Soil nourishment, top-tier plants, and detailed features customized to your unique way of connecting with your loved ones.

High Prairie has several experienced stone masons on staff who build beautiful hardscapes every day. We only use trade partners for finished concrete or some veneer work with our stone masons are booked out. 98% of our stonework is done by our internal team. 100% of our stonework is managed to pass quality standards by our team.

Your landscape will mature based on the size of plant installed, care received, and weather patterns after planting. On average, trees take 2-3 years to overcome transplant shock and begin growing, shrubs begin filling in by year 2-5, and perennials reach fullness by year three. A fully mature landscape may take 5-12 years depending upon the size of trees used.

Your new landscape will require extra care during the first few years and your plants establish. Even with low maintenance plants, they need additional deep waterings, nutrient supplementation, and cultural practices to remove competing weeds or health concerns for the first few years.