Landscaping Myth: Any Landscaping Is Good Landscaping

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    At High Prairie Outdoors, we often get questions about our landscaping services vs. Other landscaping services in the area. From time to time, we hear landscaping myths such as, “any landscaping is good landscaping”. As a leader in landscaping and outdoor design here in Kansas, we know this myth to be just a myth.

    Every homeowner is different, which means your style of garden, walkway, and outdoor seating space are completely different from others. We work closely with our customers to determine what it is you want to see in your outdoor space and make those creative dreams a reality.

    We will discuss why not all landscaping is good landscaping, and how to tell the difference when choosing your team.

    Customizing Your Vision

    Perhaps the first sign that you are working with a great landscaper is their attention to detail. The ability to customize your project to reflect your personality and taste. Generic garden plots and pathways are fine if you are looking to sell in a quaint little Kansas subdivision. What about homeowners who want to make a statement and stand out in their neighborhoods? This is when you need landscaper who will work with your vision and show you unique designs for your home.

    Landscaping being simply mowing and growing is a thing of the past. Modern landscapers have a variety of bespoke services and products their clients come to know and love. Choosing the right landscaper depends on which services and products you want to see around your home.

    Including Large Projects and Special Features

    There are so many different types of landscaping here in Kansas. High Prairie Outdoors specializes in many areas of landscaping, but one of the services we pride ourselves on is our special features and large projects. We not only tend to perennials and prune rose bushes. We also install large water features, build patios and decks, and create outdoor kitchens to entertain in.

    From firepits and retaining walls to hot tubs and swimming pools. We can make your outdoor oasis a true getaway without ever leaving the comfort of home. Having a team proficient in large projects means you don’t need several landscaping companies to create the outdoor space you want. A full-service landscaping company can do much more than outline the bare bones of a garden.

    Offering Holiday Services

    Many landscaping companies operate throughout the Spring and Summer months, leaving clients to deal with Fall and Winter on their own. At High Prairie Outdoors, we know that every season is a season worth spending in your outdoor living space, so why not make it beautiful all-year-round? Our team is well versed in winter décor, holiday lighting, and all the festive trappings that make Kansas look its best in the snow and ice.

    Having a landscaping team that strives to beautify your home during the “off-season” is a sign that they have your best interest in mind no matter the weather.

    Having Appropriate Training and Accountability

    Just because a business has the title “landscaping” in their name, does not mean they have the experience and training to produce the same results as other landscapers. Many companies offering only the most basic services of watering, pruning, and weeding, may not have experience or training in large projects, water features, or stone laying, for example. When choosing a landscaper for your home, it is best to read their services, as well as reviews from past customers to determine whether they would be a good fit for your future projects.

    It isn’t just the training of a landscaping team that matters but the accountability they have over their projects. Being in charge of so many high-priority luxury landscaping projects, High Prairie Outdoors takes customer service and quality of workmanship extremely seriously. We hold each member of our team accountable and expect them to conduct themselves to our code of conduct at all times.

    Contact High Prairie Outdoors

    If you want to learn more about how High Prairie Outdoors is more than your average landscape company, we invite you to take a look through our list of services online. Being a local Kansas business, we are constantly striving to include the best products and services in our lineup to better serve our friends and neighbors.

    To speak to a member of the High Prairie Outdoors team today, schedule a service, or obtain a quick and convenient quote, give us a call at 1-816-398-2901.

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