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    An outdoor fire pit is often considered a summertime luxury, inspiring memories of childhood campouts. However, with Kansas winters being as mild as they are, wintertime fires are a great option for entertaining or relaxing on your patio with a mug of cocoa in hand.

    At High Prairie Outdoors, we install plenty of outdoor fireplaces and know a thing or two about the best way to use them. Here, we will discuss 5 of our favorite ways to use an outdoor fire pit in the winter.

    1. Warming up During Outdoor Fire Pit Activities

    Winter wonderlands in Kansas, still include plenty of the soft white fluffy stuff, and this means families across the state are engaging in sledding, snowball fights, and snow angels. Whether you are building a snowman with the grandkids or shoveling your walkway, the cold weather can cause quite a chill. Nothing warms the soul like an outdoor fire on a crisp winter day, which is exactly why so many homeowners across Kansas are choosing to keep their fire pits out year-round.

    Lighting the fire pit offers a great break from the cold when the outdoor activities finally get tiring. Brushing the snow off your coat, and warming hands by the open flame create cozy memories you’ll not soon forget.

    2. Inspiring Holiday Party Vibes

    Planning a holiday shindig this year? Why not incorporate your outdoor space into the mix and mingle by lighting a fire in your firepit? Roasting marshmallows and chestnuts on the open fire will have your guests humming Christmas carols and thinking of simpler times. Not to mention, those golden flames will warm your outdoor space and give you more room to entertain.

    If you have an outdoor kitchen, lighting the outdoor fireplace provides a great place to gather while you cook on the outdoor stove and watch the snowfall.

    3. Clearing the Pre and Post-Winter Debris

    Fall and winter are notorious for high winds and inclement weather here in Kansas, which means many homeowners are left clearing up fallen branches and other debris before the snow hits. We also see plenty of branches and debris on lawns following the winter melt, when lawns become visible again. An excellent use of an outdoor firepit is burning off these fallen branches. Not only is it nice to gather around the open flame and warm your hands, but it takes care of all the mess so your yard is ready for Spring planting.

    Be careful when burning debris from your yard that the wood is not too wet, and that you are only burning untreated products. You want to be mindful of the amount of smoke you create, and of any chemicals which could be hiding in treated wood.

    4. Smoking Winter Meals for a Festive Feast

    Smoky flavors are great year-round, and in Kansas we take full advantage of this. In the summer, we are notorious for our finger-licking barbeques, and in the winter, an outdoor fire pit makes the perfect place to smoke meat, fish, and other products to produce a new depth of flavor and create festive winter meals.

    One of our favorite meats to smoke on an open fire here in Kansas, is a brisket. Brisket needs to be cooked low and slow to produce that melt in your mouth flavor. An outdoor firepit is a fun way to cook up some grub and enjoy the process as well. Take yourself back to simpler times and forget about messing up your stove top for a night with a fire pit roast.

    5. Pure Outdoor Ambience

    Finally, sometimes you just need to indulge in an outdoor fire during the winter season for the pure ambience of it all. Crackling logs, falling snow, twinkling lights, and a cozy blanket on the porch swing are the best ingredients for a fine winter evening.

    With times being as they are, finding ways to enjoy your time at home is more important than ever before, and an outdoor firepit can make the winter seem warmer and more relaxing. Whether with friends or on your own, your firepit can help create a little piece of paradise in the cold.

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    Considering installing a fire pit this winter season? High Prairie Outdoors and our team of professional contractors and landscapers can help. We can help with a variety of outdoor fireplace products, allowing you to customize your fire pit to suit your taste, style, and budget.

    For more information on outdoor fire pits and winter installation, give us a call at 1-816-398-2901.

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