What is Robotic Mowing, and Should I Consider It for My Property?

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    With the frequent and never-ending advancements in technology, people can now purchase lawn mowers that will do the job autonomously. If you’ve ever seen a robotic vacuum cleaner before, then this gives you a better idea of what a robot lawnmower is. Robotic mowing is an ideal solution for those that don’t have the time to invest in mowing their lawns.

    Picking up gas, overall maintenance, and the time it takes to mow the lawn can all add up to be a time-consuming chore. For those that are interested in robotic mowing, it should be noted that they are expensive. A lot of robotic mowers come with a price tag that is above the cost of the most expensive traditional mowers on the market. Some specific models of robotic mowers can mow over 5,000 square meter lawns.

    Advantages of Robotic Mowers

    For those that are willing to shell out the big bucks and purchase a robotic mower, they do come with advantages.

    • They are perfect for seniors that aren’t physically able to cut grass anymore.
    • The whole process is automatic and won’t require you to do anything.
    • Robot mowers save time.
    • In many cases, they do a better job than conventional mowers.
    • They can help fertilize the lawn, and they lower the amount of fertilizer that is required to keep the lawn staying healthy.
    • Because robotic mowers cut up the grass into tiny little clippings that are placed throughout the lawn, the nutrients are returned into the soil. These clippings are known as mulch, which is beneficial to the soil.
    • You won’t see clippings lying around your grass because it is so finely trimmed.
    • Your grass will be cut more frequently.

    Robotic Mowers Are Safer Than Conventional Mowers

    Sometimes conventional lawn mowers can be dangerous. They require the user to be fully attentive when operating them. If you aren’t paying attention to where you are mowing, the blades can spin up debris and throw it around at you or others that are in the area. If you let the grass grow a little too long, then it can get clogged up in the blades while you’re cutting.

    Clogging doesn’t typically occur with robotic mowers, because you can schedule them to cut the grass on a more frequent basis. If you know you’ll be at work during the day and your children will be at school, then you can schedule it to cut your lawn during the day. Doing so will pose no risk to anyone, and you’ll come home to freshly cut grass.

    Robotic Mowers Require Little Maintenance

    Most of the robotic mowers on the market don’t take much maintenance to keep them in peak condition. Some models require you to replace the blades every so often, but that process only takes a few minutes and is relatively cheap to do. If you want to give the mower a clean, all you have to do is flip it over, find a stiff-bristled brush, and scrub the underside of it. Robotic mowers run on rechargeable batteries. Many people dislike having to stock up on gas every time they need to use the mower.

    Environmentally conscious people will enjoy the fact that robotic mowers don’t release any harmful emissions to the environment, which can lower your carbon footprint.

    Disadvantages of Robotic Mowers

    Despite all of the advantages of robotic mowers, no technology product will ever be perfect in every way.

    • Robotic mowers tend to be on the slower side. If you do happen to let your grass grow too long in between cuts, the mower will have a difficult time handling the thick grass.
    • They are small, narrow and are unable to handle wide portions of grass. That means that it will have to do a few passes to cover a certain area.
    • The battery life might not last for the entire lawn.
    • If it breaks, repairs can be a little trickier because many technicians aren’t knowledgeable about the technology.
    • Grass can only be cut in a designated area around your yard, so if you have multiple properties, it won’t be the ideal solution.

    As with every piece of technology, it is best to research to make the most informed decision. Robotic mowing will work great for some people, whereas others might not benefit from it as much. Potential buyers need to weigh the pros and cons while taking their yard and needs into consideration before spending the money on a robotic mower.

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