Why Consider Robot Mowers?

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    When robot mowers were first developed, we were critics. We didn’t think the new technology could give our clients the utmost quality that they rely on us to provide. Plus, we had concerns about the safety and efficiency of these machines.

    However, over the last few months, we’ve been looking at developments in robot mowers and testing them to find out if they could help us serve our clients better. Robotic mowers have been used in Europe for more than twenty years. So, what’s drawing those homeowners to this automatic technology? Now, we know, and we’re ready to share with you the key benefits we believe robot mowers are ready to give you and your landscaping.


    Overall, automatic lawn mowing machines provide more consistency than any manually operated mower could. First, they mow on a schedule, even daily, to the specific length that you set. There’s no way for your lawn or weeds to get out of hand with such reliable mowing.

    These machines are also very precise with their blades. They don’t leave stripes behind, which means you don’t need to worry about setting a specific pattern for them to follow. Instead, your lawn will look like a green carpet all the time. Automatic mowers are also capable of string trimming and edging, which significantly improves the look of any landscaping, without any extra fuss.

    The newest automatic mowers are light and compact. While other mowers compress the ground and create marks or paths, these machines don’t. This helps avoid the need for aeration to combat soil compactness, lowering your lawn’s maintenance requirements.

    You also don’t have to worry about remembering to recharge these mowers. The newest ones are powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that lasts a year and a half. The batteries are easy to replace too.

    New Features

    Automatic mower manufacturers have really focused on delivering a feature-rich product. These mowers can take care of most lawn care tasks and complete them more conveniently too. One benefit is completely adjustable schedule and lawn height. If you decide you want a taller lawn that is trimmed more often or the opposite, you need only adjust the machine.

    Many mowers will also deliver an organic nitrogen fertilizer while they work. This ensures a consistent application of the fertilizer and takes the task off your checklist. Without any extra worry, your lawn will get the nutrients it needs to be greener and thicker consistently throughout the year. You can schedule the mower to fertilize as often as your specific grass variety needs it.

    You don’t have to worry about the weather or time of day when you use an automatic mower. The latest models are rainproof, so they can be left out in the rain or even continue mowing through the rain. Advances in the motor and sound-proofing mean that you can also schedule your mower to run at night. If nighttime is the only time you can be certain your lawn won’t be in use, that’s not a problem.

    Safety – Environmental & Otherwise

    Naturally, those with pets and children may be concerned that an automatic mower presents a risk for their family. However, automatic mowers are actually safer than those that are manually controlled. These mowers stop automatically when they sense an obstacle nearby. While a human may not see a child or pet, an automatic mower will.

    These mowers rely on very tiny blades that can retract completely into a safety guard. They do so automatically when the unit is tilted or lifted. That way, if a curious child tries to lift the machine, the blades are no longer accessible.

    Automatic mowers are also more environmentally safe. They are electric, unlike many manually driven mowers, so they don’t release fumes or run on gas. They won’t pollute the air in your outdoor living space.

    Are Automatic Mowers an Affordable Option?

    Automatic mowers cut down on staffing hours for landscaping companies and aren’t terribly expensive in comparison to those man-hours. As a result, they may be more affordable than traditional mowing if you lease a unit or purchase it in a membership package. Over the long run, having your mower can save you significantly.

    Other Features

    Automatic mowers save you time if you’d be cutting the grass or supervising someone who does. Plus, if you’re allergic to grass, you won’t have to touch it. The robot cuts the grass on your schedule without you even having to go outside.

    You don’t need to supervise these mowers. Most can handle tight turns and unusually shaped lawns. They also work excellently on slopes.

    In the end, we believe that automatic mowing technology is now developed enough to be included in high-quality lawn care services. In fact, we believe that most turf mowing in Kansas City will soon be done with automatic mowers.

    Looking for outdoor solutions in Kansas City? Contact High Prairie today!

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