What Happens After the Construction is Complete? Key Ways High Prairie Continues to Provide Value

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    Homeowners commonly wonder what happens after the construction is complete when they’re considering hiring someone for their outdoor living space project. This is an incredibly common question, and it’s a completely valid one when you consider the investment that homeowners make in their major landscaping or hardscaping projects. At High Prairie Outdoors, we believe the value we bring to your project doesn’t stop once the construction ends. Instead, we strive to provide a host of services designed to help you continue getting maximum value and longevity from your investment.

    Comprehensive Full-Service Landscape Maintenance

    We know that once the dust settles from the construction, the homeowner’s journey has only just begun. Our experienced team offers fully comprehensive, full-service landscape maintenance to ensure your vegetative spaces continue to look their best all year round. From regular mowing and trimming needs to seasonal cleanups and plant care, we make sure that we handle every aspect of your landscape maintenance with incredible attention to detail.

    Hardscaping Cleaning and Sealing Packages

    The hardscaping cleaning and sealing packages we offer are designed to help extend the life of your hardscapes and keep them looking their best through the seasons. Not only will these packages preserve the beauty of your hardscapes, but they will also auto-renew, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to schedule your maintenance or care appointments.

    Referrals to the Best Outdoor Furniture and Accent Design Teams

    We understand that your outdoor living space is more than just plants and a patio. It’s a living, breathing extension of your home and living area, and to maximize the enjoyment of this space, we offer referrals to some of the leading outdoor furniture and accent design teams. These experts can help you design furnishings and accessories that complete the vision of your outdoor space and bring everything together with cohesive finishing touches.

    Lighting and Irrigation Care Packages

    Proper lighting and irrigation are critical to maintaining the health and beauty of your outdoor spaces. Our landscape lighting and irrigation care packages are created specifically to ensure each of these systems is operating optimally. For lighting systems, this includes routine inspections, component cleanings, bulb replacements, alignment and positioning adjustments, and timing adjustments. Irrigation care includes system checks, repairs, and adjustments to keep the system effective as the seasons change and the landscaping grows and evolves through the year.

    Automatic Lawn Concierge Visits

    Finally, we offer automatic Lawncierge visits at both the 30-day and 1st anniversary of project completion. These visits are an opportunity for us to check in with you and see how you are enjoying your project, provide maintenance feedback, and address any other tasks or issues that need consideration or observation. This is just one more way that we make sure we provide ongoing value to our clients after their construction projects are complete.

    Trust High Prairie Outdoors For Long-Term Construction Relationship

    At High Prairie Outdoors, we understand how important it is to know what happens after the construction is complete before a homeowner partners with a construction company. We want to make sure that you know, with High Prairie Outdoors, the answer is always “ongoing value, care, and enjoyment.” If you think you’re ready to take your landscaping or hardscaping to a new level, and extend your living space into your outdoor property, reach out to High Prairie Outdoors today, and speak with a member of our local team of experts.

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