Top Shade Loving Annuals for 2018 in Kansas City

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    Believe it or not, shade doesn’t have to be boring or drab in your garden. Each year, there are a few “top-performers” when it comes to plants that thrive in the shade. Here, you can discover what is performing consistently, provides the most impact and gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Are you ready to learn about the most shade-tolerant annuals available right now? Just remember, annuals are the plants that don’t survive over-winter in the Kansas City climate, which means you’ll need to replace them each year.

    The payoff? More color and impact than many of the perennials (plants that return each year) have to offer.

    The “Surefire” Red Begonias

    This plant has been around for ages. The “Surefire” series boasts larger blooms, and a high-impact red color, while maintaining the other attributes that make begonias a staple in your annual garden. These attributes include:

    • Extremely durable
    • They won’t wilt
    • Full sun to full shade capabilities
    • Bunnies don’t like it

    Coleus “Mainstreet” Chartres Street

    This vivid pop of foliage is both a sun and shade loving annual that is sure to help you create the ideal backdrop for any color you desire beside it. It also works nicely in beds and acts as a great container centerpiece.

    Coleus “Mainstreet” Granville Street

    This is another sun to shade annual that is prized for the stunning foliage it produces. Even better, you can grow this annual in containers, as well as in the ground. In fact, it is such a great grower, that you may have to pinch it back from time to time to prevent it from taking over.

    Inpatients “Lollipop” Pomegranate Carmine and Coconut White

    Another shade loving annual that offers a pop of vivid color. It mixes well with other colors in the “Lollipop” line. The structure of this plant is uniform and full shade isn’t a problem for it.

    Sweet Potato Vine “Solar Power”

    This plant can take full sun to partial shade. The cascade of the plant can help to soften the edge of any container, or it can fill in spaces in your existing bets. Also, the stark black color will contrast nicely with any other color you may have in place. This helps to create an excellent sense of diversity in your seasonal color designs.

    Wishbone Flower “Summer Wave Large Violet

    While this isn’t a new annual, it does very well in shady areas. Also, it is extremely low maintenance, able to tolerate heat and the shade is the perfect environment for this pretty flower. As an added bonus, it is a favorite of hummingbirds.

    The fact is, developing the perfect shade combo for your yard can be a challenge. However, the list here gives you several top-performers that will help ensure your flower displays stand out and that they look great throughout the season. If you need more help, be sure to contact the professionals who can provide you with even more ideas for the shady areas in your yard.

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