Picking the Right Pool Shape for Your Backyard

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    If you decided to add a swimming pool to your Kansas City backyard, you are probably pretty excited.

    Taking your swimming pool idea from just a vision to reality can be thrilling. You are creating a space you’re going to enjoy for years to come – an area that separates your yard from the rest.

    One of the decisions you have to make is choosing the right pool shape. You want one that matches your style preferences but also fits your landscape aesthetically and logistically.

    You might have a very clear idea of what type of pool shape you want or you might not know what would work best. Maybe you’d like some ideas to help you better decide what shape might be ideal for your long-term needs. You want to love your pool, after all, and the shape is part of it.

    Let’s talk about the best pool shapes and what their pros and cons are to help you make a more informed decision.

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    Best Pool Shapes to Consider for Your Kansas City Backyard  

    The shape of pool you choose can be a modern, linear one or it can be a more flowing, natural one.

    A linear pool might be more rectangular in shape, while curvy shapes can range in length and width based on your yard size and your personal preferences. You might even want a more customized shape.

    These are the best pool shapes you can choose for your home landscape.

    Organic Shapes  

    In the organic-shaped pool spectrum, you can get round or oval shapes, of course.

    But a very popular design is a bean-shaped or bean-hybrid pool design with additional curves or circles.

    A custom curvilinear like a lagoon would also fit into this in ground pool shape category.

    These types of pools tend to fit homeowners who like a more natural look with softer lines. Rounded edges may also feel safer, and cleaning a pool of this shape is often easier since there are no corners.

    Organic pools can be a bit pricier to install because building them is more challenging, requiring more skill.

    Linear Shapes  

    In this category is where you get your more straight, modern shapes of pools.

    Here is where you’ll find rectangles or squares, as well as pools with angular straight lines.

    A unique shaped pool in this category is the arc and tangent pool, which has a hybrid rectangle with inverted circles at the corners.

    Linear pools can be more dramatic visually than organic pools. They are also easier to build, cost less to build, and can appear more sophisticated.

    But linear-shaped pools can be harder to clean and not look as natural as organic-shaped pools. So, depending on your preferences, this may be a factor in your decision making.

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    How to Choose the Best Pool Shape for You  

    The pool options that are right for you will come down to a few important factors.

    Let’s look at some of the key considerations you should keep in mind when trying to make a decision on the best pool shape for you.

    Your Unique Style Preferences  

    Your personal preferences have a lot to do with how you make your final decision on the best pool shape for you.

    Just like you already have made decisions about the rest of your landscape and what looks you prefer, your pool shape will fit into these specifications and blend in with your vision.

    The Existing Architecture of the Site  

    Consider the home’s architectural style and the rest of your surrounding landscape when choosing the best pool shape for you.

    There is likely an in ground pool shape that will complement the existing site details.

    For instance, if your home is more modern with straight, clean lines, clearly a linear pool will be a better fit.

    If your home is more fluid with natural stone and curves, a bean-shaped pool or other flowing style will mirror those house lines.

    Your Yard Size and Shape  

    While you might think the shape of your Kansas City backyard itself will dictate the in ground pool shapes you can choose, that’s actually not true.

    Yard size won’t limit your design creativity. Most pool shapes can work on multiple yard sizes.

    The important thing to remember is to make sure your pool size fits in the limits of your local zoning codes since many cities require a pool to be a certain number of feet from property lines or utilities.


    How you plan to use your pool can also impact your decision on pool shape.

    If you are swimming, for instance, you may want a more linear design. Whether or not you need a deeper end for diving may be a factor to consider. Are you and your family members more loungers than swimmers? A bean shape might give your guests places to relax and mingle.

    All of these factors will come into play when looking at shapes of pools.

    The Surrounding Area  

    Think about your overall space when planning the ideal pool shape. They are likely what will keep you enjoying your pool longer, giving you options for dining and relaxing poolside. After all, your pool is also a great feature to look at as well as functionally utilize.

    These areas might include:

    • Patios

    • An outdoor kitchen

    • A pavilion or pergola

    • Walkways and retaining walls

    • A fire feature

    Budget Goals  

    How much you want to spend can impact your overall pool shape as well.

    As we mentioned above, an irregular pool shape may cost more to create properly than a rectangular pool. The size of your pool will also impact your budget, as well as any extras you add, such as lighting, a beach entry, sunning ledges, a spa, and depth.

    Get the Best Pool Shape For Your Kansas City Backyard?  

    As you’re dreaming about enjoying warm, summer days in your backyard pool, don’t let the decision on the best pool shape for you keep you up at night.

    The High Prairie Outdoors can help you figure out the ideal pool shape for your specific needs, requirements, habits, and tastes.

    Your pool shape, after all, is the anchor a professional designer will use to set the tone for the rest of the outdoor living space design. Getting the right shape for you will ensure the entire space looks and feels exactly how you want.

    We know this process can become overwhelming. Our professional designers can help you feel confident in your choice and give you that backyard you are envisioning so you can swim and lounge without a single worry.

    Ready to see how High Prairie Outdoors can transform your Kansas City home landscape with our unique and proven pool design and installation capabilities? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a design that you will love and your neighbors will envy.

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