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Custom gunite and stainless steel swimming pools designed and built by our own certified pool builders. Comprehensive pools, patios, landscapes, and care all provided by the High Prairie Outdoors.

Pool & Spa Installation in Kansas City

Searching for Kansas City pool builders? Summertime usually conjures up some specific images: sunshine, garden parties, barbecues, and dips in a pool. In fact, now that we’ve said “dips in a pool,” we bet you can’t think about anything else. Feeling a little warm in this Kansas City heat? Wish you could feel that refreshing, cooling feeling a pool could bring to your yard?

Your outdoor swimming pool should be a focal point of your backyard. Designed and built well, it adds tremendous curb appeal, visual interest, and years of enjoyment.

It’s not hard to imagine why swimming pools are so popular. They offer fun in the sun on any warm summer day and offer perfect entertainment for inviting people to your home.

Kansas City Luxury Pool

Spend More Time Outside With a Custom Swimming Pool

You’ll find you reconnect with the great outdoors in summer — and all seasons — with a swimming pool. Think of it as an entertainment and health boost combo.

Maybe you’re reading a book next to the pool, floating under the sparkling sun, diving under the glistening water, or chatting poolside with family and friends. Whatever activity you prefer, you’re definitely going to be spending more time outdoors.

Majestic Pools Make a Statement

Nothing says luxury like your own Kansas City inground swimming pool. Water elevates your backyard to another level of grandeur in so many ways. Imagine what you can do.

Moving water in the form of fountains or waterfalls add ambiance through trickling sounds that instantly ease stress. They can also visually connect different sections of your waterscapes — such as your hot tub to your main pool area.

A swim-up bar can connect a pool ledge with a fully-stocked bar, so the guests you’re entertaining can refill their drinks without drying off. Think you only see that on a tropical vacation? Not anymore.

Incorporating nearby fire features and landscape lighting to your pool area can bring an added layer of warmth and beauty, particularly at night, extending its usable hours to boot. Cool-toned water mixed with amber light elevates your backyard from bland to grand.

Pools Amplify Family Time

Looking to entertain your children and their friends? A swimming pool brings that splishing and splashing to your yard instead of the neighbor’s, guaranteeing the kids come to you for the ultimate fun in the sun.

A pool is a natural hangout for family gatherings and get-togethers with friends. Gathering is easy when your guests are drawn to the water.

Strengthen bonds with loved ones by spending more time together in your pool. You can teach your kids how to swim, play pool games, and bring your backyard to life.

Family swimming in pool

Easy Exercise at Any Age

Is staying healthy your goal? Swimming is one of those exercises that can keep you fit with minimal impact on the joints.

Go for a longer, more rectangular shaped pool to ensure you can get in your summer morning or evening laps in the peace and serenity of your own backyard.

Kansas City swimming pool builder

Pool & Spa Combos

On its own, a pool is cool. But you can amplify and expand pool benefits by adding a spa, taking your poolscape lifestyle to a higher level of functionality.

Cool down and swim laps and then warm up and relax. Soothe your sore muscles and ease tension and recharge.

Elevate your spa and add a spillway for the trickling sounds — and the tranquility that comes with them.

This special combination of pools and spas also creates an inclusive environment for all ages where kids and adults can interact in fun, engaging ways.

Materials & Installation that Stand the Test of Time

Pools are all fun in the sun. And that’s all you need to worry about.

Let our expert Kansas City pool builders handle the installation intricacies to ensure your pool is placed in the right area for lasting value.

We can also help you choose the right material for your pool. Pools typically come in fiberglass, concrete, gunite, stainless steel, and vinyl-lined. Our Kansas City pool design experts can create any kind of pool, but we love the longevity of stainless steel. They are also extremely adaptable to any shape, size, or detailed design you can dream up.

Additionally, with stainless steel pools, there are no liners to replace or cracks to repair. They come with a 25-year warranty that adds peace-of-mind, ensuring maximum durability in Kansas City freezes and thaws, as well as offering easy cleaning.

Long-lasting luxury is waiting. All you have to do is make that homemade lemonade for sipping in a poolside lounger or while resting on a plush pool float. We’ve got your pool installation covered.

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Kansas City Pool Building FAQs

Gunite pools start at $70,000 and can be up to $750,000 for extensive waterslides, grottos, infinity edges, etc. In Kansas City, the average gunite pool is about $175,000. Stainless steel pools start at $90,000 and can also be up over $750,000. The average stainless steel pool in Kansas City is around $300,000. When budgeting, be sure to consider if additional patio space or landscaping will be needed. Also always consider the maintenance budget after you install a pool.

A gunite pools is a custom pool constructed with a concrete-like material called gunite as the shell. The gunite shell is then covered with a plaster. Plaster options range from various color selections to additional pebble finishes for high-end luxury swimming pool looks. Gunite pools are totally customized to each unique property.

Gunite pools are totally customizable, so you can have any feature you can dream up. They’re also perceived as a luxury item if you ever needed to resell. Gunite is not cheap, but it is incredibly lasting. Unfortunately, gunite takes a long time to build properly and a gunite pool requires regular maintenance.

Stainless steel pools are the longest lasting, lowest maintenance pool option available of any pool construction method. You’ll never have to replaster, re-vinyl, or fix peeling fiberglass. Stainless also tolerates our expansive Kansas City clay soils the best. The only chemical needed in a stainless steel pool or spa is a special hydrogen peroxide. No chloride or bromine! Unfortunately, stainless steel pools are the highest investment of any pool option at up to 40% more than conventional gunite pools.

High Prairie has our own pool builders, hardscape crews, landscape crews, and designers on staff for a comprehensive outdoor living experience from design, to construction, to maintenance. We have two Genisis certified pool builders and are licensed general contractors to manage your entire project, including pool houses and structures. While 98% of our construction is done by High Prairie employees, we manage trade partners for services such as engineering, plumbing, and electrical work.