What are the Best Estate Landscape Maintenance and Garden Care Tips

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    Do you have a large or complex landscape? It can feel overwhelming to maintain a complex landscape or find
    a company experienced in doing so. Estate landscapes are gardens and lawns of a complex or large size.
    Estate landscape maintenance isn’t just about making sure the lawn is mowed uniformly or that the
    landscaping is properly irrigated and cared for. It’s a wide-reaching art and precise science, as well as a
    commitment to nurturing a healthy and visually attractive setting that mirrors the beauty of the estate itself.
    Here are some key tips and strategies to consider, in your pursuit of an extraordinary garden.

    Have a Plan & Routine

    Managing complex landscapes such as an Estate landscape, requires advanced planning and organization.
    The first step in creating a plan for caring for your garden is to divide each the landscape into zones. At High
    Prairie Outdoors, we use a color-coded zoning system to prioritize detailing and care based on the priority of
    the zone. Regular maintenance like mowing, watering, trimming, and so on, would only need to be tailored to
    each zone, increasing overall efficiency.

    Once the zones are established, create a routine that addresses the timing and frequency of various aspects of
    care for each zone. This helps make sure not only that each area gets comprehensive estate landscape
    maintenance, but also helps create a functional ecosystem that allows the overall property value in many

    Your customized landscape maintenance plan should also include the seasonal tasks associated with your
    unique plant palette, garden style, and budget.

    Maintain & Rotate

    Each time you visit the garden, you should work on key areas that require the most ongoing or constant
    attention. This includes flowerbeds, hedges, and the poolside area. Other areas may not require maintenance
    every visit, so their care can be rotated to optimize resources. This is how zoning helps keep your maintenance
    plan organized.

    Precision In Irrigation

    Water is a precious commodity, and there are some summers here in the KC area where we get frighteningly
    little rain overall. When maintaining a property, the risk of waste is just as significant. This means monitoring
    the system’s coverage and timing.

    Large properties can’t be treated with a one-zone-fits-all irrigation approach because too much water can be
    wasted. With large and complex properties, it’s important to create a precise approach to water use.

    Embrace Robotic Mowing

    Rainy days are known to cause significant disruption to lawn mowing schedules. Robotic mowing can help
    eliminate rain disruptions because the robots are able to mow through rain and don’t tear up lawns when wet.
    This is a significant benefit to homeowners.

    High Prairie Outdoors offers robotic mowing services for our full-service clients using the region’s first striping,
    wire-free mower. This means you don’t have to buy a mower to stay at your home, we simply bring the mowers
    with us while we’re maintaining!

    On-Site Disposal of Compostable Products

    During the spring and fall when there are substantial amounts of pruning and leaf litter cleanup happening,
    having that material removed can be costly. To cut that cost, you may be able to turn part of your property
    toward the disposal of compostable waste. This can cut your disposal costs while also creating a valuable soil
    amendment. This strategy works best on properties with wooded areas.

    Clear Expectations and Scope

    Maintaining large, multi-acre properties can be a challenge. Particularly when planning which areas to mow
    and where to clean and remove leaf-drop. Set clear expectations with your maintenance company so that your
    budget is used where your priority areas are and save money by defining areas you’re okay simplifying the

    Be Ready For Wildlife

    One of the most integral parts of estate landscaping maintenance is the understanding that when you have a
    parcel of land of a certain size, there is a necessity to integrate with the environment somewhat. Depending on
    your location, you may commonly see deer, as well as other animals. Birds are common, as well.

    To help stop these critters from causing too much damage to your garden, you may need to implement
    different practices that are more wildlife-friendly. This would help ensure that the needs of local wildlife are met
    and that the integrity of your landscape is maintained.

    Partner With High Prairie Outdoors For Your Estate Landscape Maintenance Needs

    Maintaining an estate’s landscape is a complex, ongoing project that requires strategy, precision, and
    dedication. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the idea of preserving the beauty of your complex landscape,
    High Prairie Outdoors is here to help. We’re uniquely trained to manage and care for complex landscaping,
    hardscaping, and outdoor living projects. Get your peace-of-mind back and let us take care of the rest.

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