How an Outdoor Fireplace Can Boost Your Social Life

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    What’s the point of being a homeowner if you can’t have a couple of people over to enjoy your home with you? Everyone knows that summer nights require a rundown on the patio with your closest friends rehashing the day’s events. There’s no better feeling than watching the sun go down and enjoying the warm evening with good friends.

    However, none of that feels and looks as good as it does without the presence of an outdoor fireplace in your backyard. They’re the ultimate convivial space creators and every sociable homeowner’s best-kept secret to making their home the “it” spot. Here are just a few reasons how an outdoor fireplace can boost your social life!

    Get Cooking!

    When we think of summer grilling we often think of BBQs or outdoor smokers. However, these items only work as outdoor cooking appliances and often only have one person around them manning the food. Outdoor fireplaces do double duty as both a cooking spot and something that people gravitate towards and hangout around.

    You can make kebabs, hotdogs, marshmallows, pizza, bread, mac n cheese, corn on the cob and many other things with an outdoor fireplace. These turn out delicious and will definitely entice all your guests, even the picky eaters.

    Every Summer Night Needs A Fire

    Everyone knows how important a fire is for summer entertaining…we all know how great they are. They’re the place where we gather to play cards, tell ghost stories, unwind after a long day, and enjoy each other’s company.

    But not only are they great on their own, but outdoor fireplaces will also make your house the preferred hosting spot among your family and friends. Nobody likes to be cooped up inside all day and night during a party just like nobody likes to sit outside for long periods of time at night without a source of warmth. Installing an outdoor fireplace is a major party selling point, so your friends and family will no doubt be begging you to host the next festivity there.

    They’re Useful If Your Home Sometimes Doubles As An Income Property

    Not only will having a fireplace make your own social life flourish at home but if your home sometimes doubles as an income property outdoor fireplaces can also give you a boost in extra income that you can use for fun social outings outside of the house.

    If you rent out your home as an event space or an Airbnb, outdoor fireplaces act as premium features on your property that you can use to justifiably increase your rental price. Even if it’s a small increase, you can invest that money in your own fun outside of your home.

    Even In The Winter, The Party Doesn’t Stop

    Sure, the winters in Kansas City don’t get bitterly cold, but it can still be uncomfortable for you and your guests if you decide to sit outside for long periods of time. Because of the turn in the weather, it can be tempting to just give up on hosting outdoor events and keep everyone inside. But staying indoors often means reducing the number of people you can have over because of space constraints and ultimately making your guests feel stuffy and inhibited.

    Luckily, having an outdoor fireplace means that you can provide warmth to your guests even when the weather outside is chilly. Many bars, restaurants, and lounges incorporate outdoor heaters and fireplaces alike to allow their guests movement in between indoors and outdoors without making them feel obligated to stick to either.

    It Adds A Focal Feature For People To Discuss

    Gardens and creative landscaping visuals are meant to be discussed and appreciated, and an outdoor fireplace is no different. If you’re an avid backyard designer looking for another feature to create fascination and add a visual effect to your space without installing another water piece or a fancy light, an outdoor fireplace is just the fixture for you.

    When you’re hosting, people will see the effort you’re putting into the space and naturally want to comment on it. Having a large and beautiful outdoor fireplace is a great icebreaker to draw the eye of people and start conversations among them. If you’re all still getting acquainted, this is an excellent way to get the conversation flowing.

    No matter what your concerns are, installing an outdoor fireplace is a huge asset to your social life. It will transform your backyard into the place to be and make every function you host there one for the books.

    For your outdoor fireplace installation, simply click “Get Started” now.

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