Landscape Myths: Watering Mid-Day Causes Leaf Scorch

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    One common myth that tends to pervade the garden and landscaping realm is the concept of mid-day watering. Many gardeners and those alike testify to this belief. They do not attribute any benefit to this practice. However, the truth is, this is just another myth that has yet to be dispelled.

    If your plants are parched, water them. Mid-day watering does not have an adverse impact on the health or wellbeing of your plants. It is its vulnerability to diseases and pests that affect its strength. In fact, mid-day watering can be quite beneficial to plants and blossoming flowers in your outdoor living space.

    Wet Leaves Will Not Scorch

    The belief held by some concerning the disasters of mid-day watering stems from the idea that water is a conductor of heat. So, when a plant is watered and drops of water collect on the leaf, it operates as a convex lens, attracting and concentrating the sun’s rays onto that area of the leaf. The result is scorched leaves due to intense heat.

    For some individuals, this theory may seem believable but it is in fact not true. As iterated, if you notice that your plant is suffering from dehydration, replenish its water content. Choosing to water it at a later time in fear of presenting this suggested theory can do more damage. Deciding not to water your plants or doing so at sundown supports the growth of detrimental diseases.

    Pay Keen Attention to Your Plants

    Your outdoor living space will only continue to look its best when the foliage that surrounds it is maintained. In an effort to minimize drought problems, paying attention to the roots, soil, stems, leaves, and the overall condition of your plants is imperative. It will help to eliminate moments of dryness but most importantly, help to decrease the onset of pests and fungal attacks.

    If you see that your plant is in distress, do not hesitate to water it. About 95% of a plant is water. Hence it relies on water quite extensively to sustain its structure. Pay attention to your plants and provide them with the care they need. Additionally, the growing and environmental conditions of your plants need to be in check. Hence, nutrients, space, oxygen, and other optimal factors must be also considered.

    Best Time to Water Plants

    Irrigation is a prerequisite for plant life. Without it, it is unable to transport nutrients and support all of the important tasks a plant requires. Therefore, water is essential. The most ideal times to water plants is early in the morning. Choosing to water it later in the day can lead to rapid water evaporation.

    This does not imply that mid-day watering is unacceptable. Rather, it highlights the importance of watering at daybreak. This habit improves the soil’s reception of the water, as little evaporation occurs at this time. Although it is encouraged that you water any time your plants display signs of water deficiency, evening irrigation is considered the most ineffective practice.

    Consider Using Pure Water for Your Plants

    Using the purest water to water for your plants is very advantageous to the health of your plants. Clean, filtered water encourages better distribution of essential nutrients as it liquifies fertilizers. So, plants absorb nutrient-filled water. Furthermore, the use of pure water eliminates the concentration of harsh minerals in hard water.

    Recycled or murky water offers plants very little benefits. It contains a higher volume of dissolved salts and is not as beneficial as pure water. In most instances, polluted water can harm a plant’s growing conditions. It can cause poor health such as wilted, dry leaves or in worst cases, death to your plants. Remember to be cautious of the water given to your foliage.

    High Prairie Outdoors Can Help to Maintain Your Plants

    If you’re like most individuals, you enjoy the pleasures of being on your patio. Whether you are a gardener or not, nothing is more attractive than observing the beauty of lush, and healthy greenery. For many people though, keeping up with a yard can be a hassle. There are many guidelines to follow to maintain the splendor of a garden, and believing myths can make it more complex. If you love a well-kept yard but require reliable advice and service, we can help. Need landscape help from a local expert? Click “Get Started” today.

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