The Landscape Design-Build Process: 8 Steps to an Amazing Outdoor Living Space

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    When you get excited about transforming your Kansas City landscape, almost nothing can stop you from digging into ideas and imagining enjoying your finished space.

    You want to be sure you get what you want out of your landscape and that all the elements fit together cohesively, not to mention are built correctly so that they last.

    But the whole experience can feel overwhelming. In fact, if you’ve never gone through a landscape design/build project in your yard before, you might have no idea what the process entails. High-quality landscape design-build in Kansas City is a multi-step process that involves regular collaboration between you and your landscape design/build team.

    You want a landscape that works for you. You want a space that makes you feel cozy and at home to suit all your needs and preferences. It’s not too much to ask.

    But getting that kind of space that suits you and isn’t just a cookie-cutter design that doesn’t match your vision takes a thorough landscape design-build process that takes into account all of your opinions and suggestions. After all, if your landscape designer doesn’t get to know you, how can he or she figure out what kind of outdoor space will best suit you.

    Let’s take a look at what you should get out of this experience so that you can be happy with your long-term investment and home landscape asset.

    8 Steps To Reach Your Transformed Outdoor Living Space Design

    Outdoor living space design has a pretty large impact on the overall look and feel of your home landscape. And, as such, it brings tons of benefits, such as boosted curb appeal, amplified functionality, and enhanced beauty.

    To get the type of dreamy landscape space you’re craving, you need to go through a process that gathers solid data about your needs and style preferences and delivers a creative combination of solid design mixed with your unique desires.

    At High Prairie, we use a process we call the Style-Craft System. It’s our proven way to ensure a beautiful, lasting outdoor space from design through construction and to garden care.

    Step #1: It Begins With a Landscape Design Discovery Meeting

    The Design Discovery Meeting is an incredibly important part of the landscape design-build process, and we’re happy to say it’s unique to High Prairie.

    What you don’t want for your first phase of the process is to feel rushed or ignored. You want to embark on a deep dive with your landscape designer so they can learn your style preferences, needs, priorities, and budget.

    This deeper level of advising by your landscape designer ensures you have a better overall experience in quite a few ways.

    • You get to ask your landscape designer questions in their environment where you can visibly see examples of their work and get a feeling on if the designer is a good fit for you. This is important for you when deciding who to work with. You want to see their work environment, professionalism, and legitimacy as a business.
    • You get more time with a designer who is focused on learning to understand you and your unique style.
    • You get a closer look at example designs and case studies to help you aid in your design package selections and help you see what you can expect from your landscape design-build team.
    • You’ll set a goal budget with the help of budgeting guides and case studies. While this budget may evolve with evolving scopes, it is a key component to delivering realistic, actionable designs.

    Remember, during this phase, you should spend just as much time understanding how much effort goes into the quality and caliber of the build of your landscape versus just focusing on the sales and design process with your landscape design-build company. This gives you a thorough look at how the whole project will proceed in a step-by-step fashion so you don’t have any surprises along the way.

    If you’re ready to proceed and have chosen your preferred design package, you’ll transition immediately into a formal consultation. If design packages are chosen after the Design Discovery Meeting, a second meeting for the consultation may be needed.

    The consultation delves into the details of your specific project aspirations. You’ll work with your designer to create objectives and prioritize them. The end result is a thorough understanding of your style, how you hope to use the site, and rough budgets.

    Step #2: Your Landscape Design Team Does a Site Analysis

    During this step of the landscape design-build process, a trained design specialist will perform an in-depth audit of your property. The analysis includes laser accurate site and grade measurements. Next, environmental factors such as drainage, light conditions, and existing landscape elements are assessed. Last, an architectural assessment is performed to accurately capture compatible styles and design tactics. If relevant, gas meters, electrical outlets, and water availability will be documented.

    Your landscape designer – powered with an independent audit of your site – begins the design process. They’ll be sure to factor in your budget and site specifics into the discovery results from your first meeting.

    This layered approach ensures nothing is left out of the equation.

    Step #3: You Review the Concept Design

    The concept design review is the next phase of an outdoor living space design project. This is when you review concepts with your designer at the landscape company’s studio or remotely.

    Step #4: You See Your Final Design and Proposal

    Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for: your final design and proposal presentation for your outdoor living space design.

    The landscape designer will set that up for you once you sign a contract and send in a retainer.

    Step #5: Your Make Your Material Selections

    After you see your design proposal, you get a chance to secure your material choices so they can be ordered for installation into your Kansas City yard.

    These are your final selections that will soon fill in your outdoor living space design plans.

    Step #6: Your Landscape Project is Scheduled, Planned and Executed

    Your project officially begins now, so you get to witness the transformation of your new outdoor living space design.

    During this planning process:

    • Your project goes through a planning stage where project plans are broken into the project milestones and tasks by a Lean Six Sigma-trained professional. This keeps your project on a targeted schedule so you never feel like you don’t know what’s going on.
    • You’ll experience how the benefits of better planning yield predictable results with a measurable difference in quality and functioning beauty. Who doesn’t want that in their landscape design?

    You can follow along with your schedule and find updates from working with a company like High Prairie via their online customer portal. This easy-access web portal showcases your timeline, updates, material selections, and change order management that you can check in on at any time.

    This keeps the project transparent so you know what to expect at each step.

    Step #7: Your Project is Completed

    The transformation of your landscape design-build is complete.

    At this phase, you do a final walk-through with your landscape designer and make your final payment.

    Step #8: You Get to Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space

    We saved the best step for last: You get to sit back in your new garden and enjoy time outdoors.

    All of your discussion and idea-sharing and planning pays off, resulting in the backyard of your dreams.

    At this stage, you also have a chance to add a worry-free landscape maintenance program to help you keep your garden thriving for years to come.

    Why A Landscape Design-Build Process Matters

    When you go through the landscape design-build process, you want your end result to be something you absolutely love.

    The goal of High Prairie’s Style-Craft System is to help you reach your landscape vision with superior results and feeling total peace-of-mind along the way.

    Our process has even won many national and regional awards for luxury residential landscape design-build. That’s because each step holds value, and that attention-to-detail elevates the entire process.

    You get reliable results, a higher caliber design, a well-planned project, and elevated outdoor style. Not a bad deal when you’re investing in long-term enjoyment.

    Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space?

    Now that you know what the landscape design-build process entails, we hope it helps you understand the proper steps that can help you reach your end goal. You envision yourself basking in the sunshine on your new patio, grilling in your outdoor kitchen, sipping lemonade beside your custom pool, and embracing conversation in front of your warm and ambient fireplace.

    If these landscape design-build steps still sound confusing to you, we completely understand. Every company’s process may be different and it might be tough to compare apples to apples as you review your options. But remember your voice matters in this process to reach your final destination. The right steps will take this into account, answering all of your questions thoroughly so you feel confident and secure in the entire plan.

    And if you’d like some more help, we’re here for you. Let High Prairie’s expert team show you the stress-free way that you can elevate your garden to a new level of sophistication, elegance, and enjoyment. We can’t wait to transform your space into something magical.

    Ready to see how High Prairie can transform your Kansas City home landscape with our unique and proven landscape design-build process? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a design that you will love and your neighbors will envy.

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