Is Landscape Irrigation Care and Monitoring Necessary?

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    When it comes to caring for a lush, luxurious, and vibrant outdoor living space, Irrigation care has a central role. Irrigation care requires not only the regular maintenance that your landscape irrigation system would normally require but as well as careful and continuous monitoring. Landscape irrigation care and monitoring are completely necessary for several key reasons. We’re going to look at each of those reasons to also find out just why it’s necessary.

    Breaks and Leaks in the Irrigation System

    First and foremost, breaks and leaks in the irrigation system can happen for a multitude of reasons, from weather to animals, and even simple system aging. These malfunctions can cause significant amounts of wasted water, and they can lead to an inefficient or even ineffective irrigation system. This can potentially harm the appearance and health of your landscape. Regular care and checks help provide early identification, making repairs prompt, quick, and often far less costly.

    Adjustment Based on Weather and Season

    Irrigation care involves more than just watering plants and fixing physical problems that pop up. Monitoring allows for adjustments to the timing based on the subtle changes in the daily weather and the progression of the seasons. Your irrigation system isn’t something you’ll just “set and forget”, it will need to be monitored and updated with schedules that are based on local weather. This ensures that your water-sensitive plants don’t receive a watering right before the big storm rolls through, makes sure you aren’t wasting water by not watering if it’s already raining, and adjusting for periods of drought and extended dryness.

    Evolution of Landscape

    As the landscaping on your property grows and evolves, it’s not uncommon to need year-to-year revisions to the coverage or schedule of an area. Adjustments month-to-month or even more frequently are possible, and even common. Regular irrigation care makes sure that your system can adapt easily to these changes. When your system can pivot easily it becomes far more versatile and valuable long-term and in a multitude of conditions.

    Efficiency and Effectiveness

    Landscape irrigation care and monitoring plans help keep your irrigation system functioning effectively and efficiently. By leveraging professional help, these plans can truly optimize the amount of water your property uses, eliminate overwatering and wastage, and ensure that all zones in your project are watered to their ideal specifications. When your system is running efficiently, it saves both water and money.

    That said, it’s also important to note that if your irrigation care provider alerts you that repairs or system adjustments are needed, you’ll be at an increased risk for plant loss, water waste, and potential larger and more costly repairs needed later. Choosing to ignore the recommendations of the professionals you chose to trust with monitoring your system can often end up costing much more in the long run, and can even lead to long-term effects on your landscaping.

    High Prairie Outdoors Is Ready To Be Your Irrigation Care Partner

    Landscaping irrigation care and monitoring are critical to the proper maintenance of a lush and vibrant indoor space. By combining regular checkups, updates, and system adjustments when needed, you can ensure your landscape continues to thrive no matter what the weather is like outside. When you think of irrigation care, remember it’s not only a task, it’s an investment into the health, beauty, and ultimately, the longevity and value of your property. Don’t take chances with your irrigation care, reach out to High Prairie Outdoors.

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