Irrigreen Digital Sprinkler Systems: Save Water and Time

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    Drought is impacting Kansas City homeowners. Some counties have only received less than 60% of their normal amount of precipitation. Most of the area has been in drought or abnormally dry conditions for several weeks.

    That’s why using water as efficiently as possible is important to not only maximize water use but also keep your plants green and thriving.

    Sprinkler systems have come a long way with smarter technology, and digital sprinkler systems are providing homeowners with ways to better target and save their water, reducing costs as well.

    Let’s talk more about the importance of outdoor watering correctly and how you can better use your resources for the best.

    Smarter Watering With Smarter Technology

    There’s no denying that water is important. As a precious natural resource, it’s important to us and our landscapes.

    But water is also becoming more scarce.

    The largest use of freshwater worldwide goes toward irrigation. While most of that 70% is for agriculture, it still adds up. On top of that older irrigation strategies lose 50% of water to things like wind, evaporation, and runoff.

    While the numbers can be shocking to hear, they are also reversible. Each person who can conserve water and maximize water efficiency marks a difference.

    Here are some of the best ways to do that with digital smart sprinklers while also keeping a healthy-looking, lush landscape.

    Eliminate Frustrations With Overwatering

    No one likes to see an irrigation system spraying the sidewalk or, even worse, being blasted by the spray as they walk by. Wet pavement, losing water to wind interference, spraying guests or neighbors: There are so many frustrations when water doesn’t go where you intend it to.

    In fact, homeowners use water outside more than inside — 57% outdoor use vs. 43% indoor use. And out of total home water use, 80,000 gallons or $600 to $1,200 is wasted annually per home. That means by choosing smarter technology to water your landscape, you can make a big difference in your water use and bills.

    The reason conventional systems waste water is not only with overspray into unneeded areas, but also through overlap. Multiple sprinkler heads in traditional systems are designed to overlap each other creating pockets of waste.

    With half the water, Irrigreen digital sprinkler system uses next-generation digital technology in sprinkler heads that evenly distribute water to the exact shape and contour of your lawn and landscape beds, going around hardscapes, eliminating both overspray and overlap.

    Adjust Sprinkler Settings Seasonally

    Watering the same way all year long doesn’t really make sense. This is because the climate changes throughout the year; some times are drier, while other times bring a lot more moisture.

    Kansas City lawns, for instance, require far less water in the spring and fall than during the heat of summer. You know we have weather extremes that can take our days from droughts to floods, making irrigation complicated.

    Traditional sprinkler systems may not allow you to adjust those settings. Digital smarter sprinklers give you controls that you can use to your advantage, changing your watering schedule according to the season to prevent overwatering.

    Fewer Parts = Less Maintenance

    A big frustration with traditional irrigation systems is that they are highly complex and need maintenance all the time to work properly — and they still may not be providing the right water to the right places.

    Managing 40+sprinkler heads that continually break over time gets annoying and expensive. We understand that.

    Digital sprinkler technology requires approximately 80% fewer parts on the same size property. While a conventional irrigation system may involve 30 to 40 sprinkler heads, 1,500 feet of pipe, 5 valves, and 10 wires, a digital system requires only 5 digital sprinkler heads, 250 feet of pipe, 0 valves, and 2 wires.

    So in addition to reducing your maintenance costs and time because there is less to manage, digital systems also require less labor and digging to install from the beginning. So you reduce your installation time from 30 to 40 hours with a conventional sprinkler system to 12 to 16 hours with a digital system.

    Less digging also helps protect important plant species on your property. If you have large, mature trees, like a 150-year-old oak for instance, that is very valuable to your property. With only 250 feet of pipe to install with a digital irrigation system, you can more easily avoid any damage to that tree’s roots.

    Leverage Sensor Data

    For years, rain and soil sensors have been used in landscapes to signal irrigation systems to stop watering if it’s raining or to avoid watering if the soil is still moist.

    These are critical decisions in impacting how much water your landscape needs, so taking them into account is important in saving water.

    Digital sprinkler systems are compatible with rain/soil moisture sensors and can measure these factors and adjust accordingly.

    Digital Sprinkler Technology at Your Fingertips

    Conventional irrigation systems require you to be at home in the garage staring at a mounted controller, turning on and off various sections or figuring out scheduling.

    But you’re busy, and maybe you’re not at home as often as you’d like or when you need to be to ensure you can change your watering schedule or get watering done.

    An Irrigreen digital sprinkler system is run by a wifi-based, cloud-monitoring-capable Irrigreen2 mobile app. So you can control it from anywhere at any time. And then also track your water use and get reports detailing specifics so you know when you use more water and when you use less. This can help you make better future watering decisions.

    Water Smarter Not Harder

    A digital sprinkler system isn’t just a smart investment for your Kansas City home landscape, it’s also an investment in sustainability.

    Conserving water and modernizing your irrigation efforts helps you eliminate waste day to day, reversing the water loss trend.

    Still confused at what to do to best water your landscape and keep your plants green with minimal time and costs? We understand. Irrigation systems can be hard to figure out. Let High Prairie Outdoors help. Our team is well-versed in digital sprinkler technology, and just like you, we want to reduce water dependency, save money on water, and transform landscapes.

    Ready to learn why High Prairie Outdoors could be your choice for professional irrigation in Kansas City? We’d love to learn more about you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a custom plan that meets the watering needs of your outdoor living space.

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