How Much Does A Kansas City Landscape Design Cost?

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    When it comes to your home and money, the thought of landscaping can be a bit overwhelming. Most people know what they should expect to spend to hire a plumber or buy a car, but knowing what a fair price to pay for a landscape design seems as foreign as Doritos on a cheesecake.

    Let’s face it, most homeowners have tried the whole trip to Lowe’s picking out plants routine. This can be fun, but can also be a huge waste of money when your landscape has to be redone. (Didn’t get the look you were going for? Plants not suited for the site?)

    Would you build a house without a blueprint? How would you know how much lumber you’d need without that plan?

    Similarly to house blueprints, landscape plans are the core and most important tool of the landscaping process. Contemplate this for a minute; your landscape will never be greater than your design. Hire a fantastic, professional designer who understands your tastes and you’re well on your way to having an equally fantastic landscape. Hire a mediocre or free designer, and that’s all your landscape will ever be. (Cheap.)

    You may be thinking, “Why would I want to pay for a landscape design?”

    Simply put, your landscape is one of the most highly visible, rewarding investments you can make in your home. Paying for a landscape plan helps guarantee that the designer working on your project spends adequate time dedicated to YOU. No person or company of any professional level can afford to train themselves professionally in all areas of landscaping and then dedicate hours to each client without charging for their services.

    Several years ago, I sat in a classroom at Kansas State University, and listened to my professor, Dr. Greg Davis discuss the professionalism and merits of landscape design. Dr. Davis told us that day about the responsibility landscape designers take for a client’s property when they draft a design.

    The late Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

    Make sure your designer is trained in drainage solutions, soil sciences, horticulture, sound design principals, and really LISTENS to you.

    Landscape designs can range from black and white hand-drafted designs, to full color computer generated designs.

    Price is often reliant upon three factors:

    1. Size and scope of design.( Front yards with plantings will be less than full yards with patios, paths, and plants.) This is literally decided by the approximate amount of time the designer estimates they will spend on the project.
    2. Professionalism, experience, or education of your designer. (A beginner with little education or portfolio will charge less than an educated, experienced designer.)
    3. Design package inclusions. (Does your design come with material lists, care information, or planting guides? This will always cost a little more.)

    Here are some general ranges for designs in the Kansas City area:

    • Front Yard: $200 to $500+ for full color, scaled designs with materials.
    • Back yard: $300 to $650+ for full color, scaled designs with materials.
    • Full yard with any sort of walls, patios, or drives in addition to plants: $400 to $800+

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    Robyn is a 2009 Graduate of the Kansas State University Department of Horticulture. She grew up in South East Kansas where she graduated from Humboldt High School. She was a Kansas State University Leadership Scholar and President of the Horticulture Club. She married Bret in 2009 and they have a daughter Ellie, born in 2021. Their family is completed by three adopted dogs.

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