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    There are many things we do well in Kansas, and the holidays are one of them. Holiday lighting is one of the brightest, most beautiful outdoor features Kansas homeowners participate in annually. From neighborhood lighting contests to personal displays, the entire state is beautified during the winter season. With the holidays soon upon us, it is a great time to begin planning your holiday lights. Here at High Prairie Outdoors, we specialize in a variety of outdoor features and landscaping, including holiday lights. Over the years we have seen it all, and every year we take the time to research the latest and greatest holiday lighting trends. This year we are going to share those holiday lighting trends with you.

    Want to know what your Kansas City neighbors have in store for this year’s lighting festivities? Here are the hottest holiday lighting trends to try if you want to make your homestead pop.

    1. Use Lights to Build Shape and Texture

    This year, the holiday lighting is all about shape and texture. Many homeowners are working on creating distinctive shapes with lights, not only on the sides of their home, but across their properties. A great example of this can be seen in the 3D cone trees modern lighting enthusiasts are crafting from string lights and supports. Some people choose to build or buy a cone made of metal or wood and decorate it with lights. Another, easier holiday hack for creating the same tree-like shape on your lawn is by suspending all the lights from a single point up above and stretching them outward to connect them at the ground. You can use an existing tree branch, flag pole, clothesline pole, or any other support in your yard from which you could suspend lights.

    Another shape being displayed this year is the star. Stars everywhere. Shooting stars, the star of Bethlehem, and twinkling stars across lawns, patios, and house siding. Stars are a typical theme during the holiday season and work on many levels to create a beautiful and unique look.

    2. Add Twinkle Lights and Netting for a Trip to Fairyland

    The dance of the sugar plum fairies is a favored holiday ballet sequence, and one which brings to mind thoughts of twinkling lights and soft enchanting music. Twinkle lights have made a name for themselves in weddings, proms, and other events. Now, consider adding twinkle lights to your holiday display.

    A netting of cool white twinkle lights will dazzle and shine when draped over your balcony for a private holiday paradise all your own. Enjoy the view of twinkle lights and the real starry night sky from your hot tub as the snow flurries around you.

    3. Include Your Entire Property

    Too often, holiday lighting is set to the front of the house or the visible portion of the front lawn. Instead, consider creating a real winter wonderland for your neighbors and family to enjoy equally. One of the trends hitting Kansas this season is covering trees, base to tip with holiday lights. Rather than looping a few threads around the top branches in an effort to recreate a Christmas tree, try layering lights up and down all the bare trees in your yard, extending the lights to twinkle way out at the edge of each branch. The outcome? A sparkly nature miracle you can see from clear down the street.

    4. Add Music to Your Lights

    Music is better in Kansas City, and we all know it. So, why not include it in your holiday lighting display? Synching lights to the beat of beloved Christmas carols will soon have the neighborhood flocking to your residence to sing along and snap videos for their social network feeds.

    Nothing brings the family together at the holidays like music and laughter, and you can easily pair these with your lighting display by investing in the proper equipment.

    5. Contact a Professional Lighting Expert

    Wiring thousands of twinkling lights across your property can be tedious and time-consuming. So, why not leave it to the experts? Professional outdoor décor companies, like High Prairie Landscape, have the tools and experience to ensure your lighting displays go up without a hitch. From themed lighting to simple country chic light displays, we can do it all.

    Interested in learning more about High Prairie Outdoors and our outdoor services? We invite you to contact us at 1 (816) 398-2901 or visit us online.

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