Common Reasons Your Kansas City Perennials Fail to Establish

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    Creating a paradise on your property takes a lot of care. At High Prairie Landscaping, we understand that not every homeowner is born with a green thumb, but we strongly believe you can develop one with time and practice. One of the areas we hear our clients struggling with is perennials.

    Perennial plants live longer than a two-year life span, meaning they grace your garden with their presence multiple years in a row. Signs your perennials are struggling include growing in green but never blooming or growing a single year but not returning the following year.

    There are many reasons your perennials could be having trouble establishing themselves. As a leading landscaping and gardening company here in Kansas City, High Prairie Landscaping receives questions about perennials frequently. Below you will find some of our advice on how to establish your perennials and prevent them from dying out early.

    Not Enough Water

    One of the major reasons a perennial fails to establish itself in a garden is a lack of water. Unfortunately, a downside to the perennial plant structure is a smaller than average root ball. This means that when the weather gets warm, your perennial will dry out faster than other plants.

    Perennials are rather finicky in that unlike other plants that may miss a day of water without problem, perennials require constant care and missing a day could be detrimental to their lively hood. To keep your perennials growing and healthy, consider creating a watering schedule, so you never forget.

    Too Much Water

    Just as your perennials could be missing out on much-needed water, they could be getting too much water. If you are overwatering your perennials, they could begin to develop root rot. This happens when more water than can be absorbed is left to soak at the base of the plant. Natural bacteria in the water begin to form causing the roots to spoil.

    Trouble While Planting

    Again, we would like to touch about how sensitive perennial plants can be. This is especially true when they are first planted. The roots on a newly planted perennial are even smaller than a perennial that has had time to develop. This means that it may need to be watered a few times a day, rather than just in the morning as you water the rest of your plants. Due to the perennial’s inability to absorb large quantities of water at a time, it dries out quickly, leaving you with failed flowers and a rather sad patch of garden.

    Not Choosing the Right Place to Plant

    Like any plant, it is important to know whether it needs full sun, partial sun, or shade before planting. Since perennials are so sensitive to changes in their environments, placing a plant that requires shade in full sun will quickly kill it. You can also consider things like soil drainage and pH balance before planting. When soil is too wet or too acidic it can be problematic to the growth and health of a plant.

    Irregular Attention

    Your perennial garden needs extra attention when it comes to water and weeding. You may find your perennials are failing to establish because the weeds in the garden are sucking up all the water they need to survive. Regular weeding regimens keep your perennials hydrated and healthy.

    Another aspect that could be affecting your perennials is the insect population on your property. As you tend your garden keep an eye out for any insects or small animals that may be a nuisance to your flowerbeds. If you see anything enjoying your perennials as a snack, it could be the problem.

    Not Working with a Kansas City Perennials Professional

    High Prairie Landscaping has a long history of success with perennials, which is why so many clients turn to us when they want their perennials to shine. One of the things you can try if your perennials will not establish is asking your landscaping company to take a look at the garden plot and spot any issues which may be preventing your flowers from healthy blooms.

    As a team of professional gardeners, we spend our days in and out of the garden and can often spot things a homeowner may miss.

    If you are having trouble establishing your perennials and are looking for help from a team of experts, High Prairie Landscaping can help. Call us at 1-816-398-2901 and speak to one of our friendly team members today.

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