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If you are like many other people, you may not think that professional landscape services are needed during the colder months of the year. While it is true that landscape services don’t have as much to do this time of year, they are still a vital component of keeping your yard healthy and looking great.

If you are curious as to what these crews do during the winter months, read the information found here.

Handle Winter Plant and Irrigation System Care

During the winter, while your irrigation system is off, landscape maintenance crews will water your newly installed evergreens and plants to prevent plant death. During this time, maintenance providers will also water existing evergreens since they’re susceptible to winter damage from lack of moisture. This is achieved with hoses since the irrigation is likely winterized. This step is done proactively, but prevents substantial plant loss.

For the previous four years, Kansas City landscapes have suffered from extremely dry winters. This has resulted in a significant amount of plant loss. When you invest in a maintenance package with your landscape professional, you can feel confident your plants will come back healthy in the spring when they take care of winter watering.

Structural Pruning

Another service done during the winter months is structural pruning. This is often done for plants that drop leaves during the winter months. If your plants have lost leaves, then the professionals will be able to see the structure of the branches. This will allow them to make the proper pruning cuts with full visibility. It will also ensure better plant structure.

Applying Anti-Transpirant Sprays

Your evergreens need additional protection during the winter to help prevent the loss of water and to protect against winter burn on the leaves and needles. Learn more about winter-burn here:

Winter-burn typically occurs during the winter months, but the damage usually can’t be seen until spring. This means that you may not even know that the plant has damage in the winter. Anti-Transpirants provide a waxy, protective barrier to prevent this.

Professional Snow Removal

There are some landscape services that provide snow removal during the winter months. This is a service that can ensure your landscape remains healthy and prevent the excess build up of snow.

Be aware of snow being piled on your landscape plants or of salty snow being piled in landscape areas. These two things can harm your plants.

When you are selecting a landscape maintenance provider, make sure to ask about off-season services. This will ensure you get the desired results for your landscape and that it remains healthy all year.

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