What are the benefits of a comprehensive Landscape Maintenance package?

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Homeowners often have a lot on their plate, and even when there are no urgent repairs there is still often a list of things that they want to get done, and one of those things is usually some form of landscape maintenance. Landscaping is essential to the beauty, value, and even function of your Kansas City home, but keeping up with the demands of a big lawn or extensive landscaping can take its toll.

One way that area landscapers are making homeownership easier, is by offering comprehensive landscape maintenance packages. These packages generally offer all of the services, maintenance, and attention that your landscaping would normally need, plus additional benefits, for a price that is often far lower than calling the landscaper periodically to arrange for a mow or aeration. But are they that useful? We’re going to take a look at the potential benefits of a comprehensive landscape maintenance package.

What Services Are Included With Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance Packages?

Basic services will include those meant to keep your lawn looking beautiful and healthy, and ensure that your vegetation and premises look stunning. They can even help you transition from one season to the next. Services that are commonly integrated into landscaping contracts will include:

  • Detailing or weeding flower and planting beds on a weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • Feeding, protecting, and proving overall care for your plants
  • Maintaining proper irrigation, including making any adjustments that are needed to watering frequency or spray patterns, and assisting with any repairs that may be needed
  • Periodic shearing, pruning, and trimming of shrubbery, trees, and other plants were needed
  • Seasonal cleanups that help you move seamlessly from one season to the next, while we handle things like cleaning and removing yard waste, leaves, et cetera.

There is also frequently a range of optional services that can be provided, as add-ons to your standard package. Some of these services may include things like:

  • Irrigation system start-up, shut-down, and winterization
  • Mulching
  • Turf renovation
  • Protective turf feeding program
  • Mowing or Robotic Mowing
  • Removal of fall leaves or winter snow
  • Cleaning or servicing of hard surfaces like drives and walkways
  • Maintaining and servicing water features
  • Holiday lighting and greenery
  • Seasonal color rotation packages

Primary Benefits Of A Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance Package

While this list is not exhaustive, it gives you an idea of the most common benefits that most homeowners enjoy when they obtain comprehensive landscaping maintenance.

You Get Better Overall Quality Landscaping Care

Since all of your services are being performed in conjunction with other services at that time, it’s far easier for your crew to do a better job. Having different services performed on different days, by different companies, creates a service disconnect. This disconnect can create confusion and gaps in quality. When one organization is responsible for it all, there is only one team to credit for beautiful OR struggling gardens.

Maximum Accountability

One of the biggest benefits to using a comprehensive property care package is that you have considerable accountability if something were to go wrong. Without a comprehensive provider, coming home to find a trampled rose bush could mean a constant game of back and forth with several companies who each claim “it wasn’t their guy”. When one company manages your services, you have one point of contact if something is wrong, and we’ll make it right.

It Makes Landscaping Management Much Easier

When you contract with a single company to handle all of your exterior maintenance needs, you take a lot of extra work off of your plate. You don’t have to worry about multiple service dates, multiple invoices, multiple payments, or keeping track of it all.

Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance Can Simplify Your Life

If you feel like it’s finally time to delegate your landscaping duties to professionals, or if you have more questions about landscaping maintenance, reach out to local experts today.

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