Is it Time for You to Invest in Turf Renovation?

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Have you begun to become a bit unimpressed regarding the look of your Kansas City turf? Regardless of if you own a residential or commercial property, as time passes, issues can arise. The good news is, the renovation process doesn’t require any type of heavy equipment, or large time investments.

As your grass is walked on, the soil beneath it can become compact. This results in it being more difficult for the roots of your grass to get the nutrients it needs. It can also make it more difficult for the water to soak into the ground, and reach the deep roots of your grass. Rather than burrowing down to create a strong hold, the roots of the grass will remain shallow if this happens, which can result in the water running off or evaporating.

Also, if your grass is in this condition, it can be more easily damaged and more susceptible to disease. The good news is, you can use the information here and renovate your lawn, making it healthier and happier.

Use an Aerator on the Lawn

The first step is to use an aerator on your lawn. You can usually rent these for a low price over the weekend. The purpose of the aerator is to pull plugs from the soil and break up the dense, compact mass present. You can leave the plugs on the lawn and they will decompose, adding organic matter back into the topsoil.

Apply an Organic Fertilizer

Once your grass is fully aerated, you should apply a quality organic fertilizer to it. You want to encourage the roots of your grass to begin to grow in the spring. This means you should not use a fertilizer that has a high nitrogen content. Try to find a mix that is well balanced. If you have soil that is acidic, then it is also a good idea to add lime.

Use Grass Seed

If there are thin or bare patches, you should overseed them with a quality grass seed. Keep in mind, rye grass seed will do well in areas that are in full sun. If you have shade in your yard, then fescues is the better option. If your kids and pets play in the yard, make sure you have a seed mix that will be able to stand up to high foot traffic, such as rye.

Add a Top Covering

The last step is to add a topdressing to your lawn in order to build the organic matter. You should not lay this on in so thick of a layer that it will smother the grass. You should make sure you choose well-rotted compost, since you don’t want to burn your new, tender shoots with something that is hot, such as chicken manure.

If you use these tips and steps you will be able to grow a lawn that is lush, thick and green. It will also be more resistant to various diseases and require less watering and mowing.

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