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estate outdoor living space

What Questions Should You Ask When Designing Your Estate Outdoor Living Space?

By Robyn Schmitz / Sep 25, 2023

Designing your estate outdoor living space can be both an exciting and a stressful time for homeowners. There is nearly unlimited potential to create the outdoor sanctuary of your dreams, […]

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hygge inspired experience

What is the High Prairie Hygge Inspired Experience Driven Process?

By Robyn Schmitz / Sep 18, 2023

The Hygge inspired experience is the foundational philosophy of High Prairie Outdoors’ approach to exterior design and construction. This unique method blends our distinctive design and build process with the […]

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hardscape cleaning and servicing

What is Hardscape Cleaning and Servicing?

By Robyn Schmitz / Sep 11, 2023

Hardscape cleaning is an integral part of maintaining the beauty and integrity of your outdoor living spaces. From the pavers on your driveway to the brickwork of your patio, each […]

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after the construction is complete

What Happens After the Construction is Complete? Key Ways High Prairie Continues to Provide Value

By Robyn Schmitz / Sep 4, 2023

Homeowners commonly wonder what happens after the construction is complete when they’re considering hiring someone for their outdoor living space project. This is an incredibly common question, and it’s a […]

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fine gardening

What Does Ongoing, Comprehensive Maintenance, and Fine Gardening Mean?

By Robyn Schmitz / Aug 28, 2023

When it comes to maintaining the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces, fine gardening is a term that is growing in popularity. But for the uninitiated, what exactly does […]

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landscape lighting maintenance

What Does Landscape Lighting Maintenance Entail?

By Robyn Schmitz / Aug 21, 2023

Landscape lighting maintenance is often a service that gets overlooked or even plainly neglected, until the moment that your landscape loses its beautiful illumination. Suddenly your formerly elegant property and […]

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