5 Ways to Differentiate Your Pool from Everyone Else

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A swimming pool can do so much for your Kansas City backyard.

It adds a place for entertainment and outdoor enjoyment. It enables you to cool off on those super hot days. And it gives your family and friends a hip hangout place.

When you’re envisioning the swimming pool of your dreams, you might be thinking about a pool you enjoyed on vacation in an exotic place. Or maybe you saw a unique shape that would fit the size of your yard perfectly.

After all, you don’t want a cookie-cutter pool, like a boring rectangle or some copy-cat style or shape with no pizzazz or interest. How can you get must-have pool features that give you something unique and all your own?

Whether you know exactly what kind of pool and amenities you want, or whether you’re not sure exactly what would work best in your yard, we’d love to inspire you with some creative ways to make your pool stand out.

Let’s talk about some pool features to consider to help you make the best choice for your Kansas City home.

5 Best Ways to Make Your Pool Stand Out   

Maybe you love being outdoors and could use a relaxing sanctuary to decompress from the stress of daily life.

Possibly you could even benefit from the relaxing and low-impact perks of swimming.

Or perhaps you’d like to have an entertainment space that makes your home the destination location for family and friends. You might even want to give your kids or grandkids a place they are excited to visit for play and relaxation.

All of these reasons are great ideas for you to consider ways to make your pool stand out. While an ordinary pool may lack design or comfort features, an extraordinary pool will include customized design based on your tastes, existing site conditions, and the comfort features your family will enjoy most. Here are some of the best ways to differentiate your pool.

Differentiator #1: Fun Finishes  

Plain, boring pools that were just white in color are very out of style today.

Amp up the wow factor with plaster enhancements – inground pool features that bring color and texture to the space. Think pebble finishes, reflective pearl finishes, or even detailed tile work.

Differentiator #2: Luxury Lighting   

You don’t want your pool to shut down when the sun sets. Those evening hours could be the best times to enjoy your pool or spa in your Kansas City backyard.

To make your pool stand out, add some integrated, multi-layered lighting design that blends your outdoor living spaces with your pool to give your property extended life.

Differentiator #3: Customize the Pool to Your Family’s Style   

Thoroughly evaluating your needs and the needs of your family members, can make all the difference when adding must-have pool features to your space.

Do you have toddlers who may still be learning how to swim, for instance? Then having a zero-entry end may be appropriate. If you have older children, maybe a longer length, deeper end, or higher diving board is a better fit. Or maybe you have some people who prefer lounging to swimming, so having areas for sitting by the pool versus actively swimming would help include them.

Differentiator #4: Customize the Pool to Your Home Style   

You also want to match your pool to your home style. Do that by considering how the look of your pool will complement the look of your home and surrounding landscape.

Think about the color and type of your materials, pool shape, and accessories you choose. A cottage-style home, for instance, may not match a Mediterranean-style pool.

Differentiator #5: Add Unique Features   

You want to make your pool special, so it stands apart from the pools you see in catalogs or even at your neighbor’s homes.

Try a must-have pool feature like a waterfall to bring soothing sounds and visuals. Or maybe a grotto is more your style.

If your yard has the right grading, an infinity pool can be a stunning edition, making the water run right over an edge so it looks like the pool is endless.

Integrate your pool into your yard with stones and rocks, as well as surrounding scenery like landscaping.

Top Pool Features to Consider in Kansas City  

One of the key differentiators of pool design in Kansas City are the addition of luxury inground pool features.

Let’s look at some of the best ones to think about adding to your backyard pool installation.

Sun Ledges  

This inground pool feature has become one of the most popular pool options over the last few years.

A pool tanning ledge provides comfort and convenience, making your pool the backyard social hub.

Built similar to a big top entry step, the best approach is to make these spaces big enough for at least two lounge chairs, but you might want room for more. What’s more, this space can be round, square, rectangular, or curved to fit your pool shape.

Sun ledges: A shallow area that functions as both a tanning ledge for lounge chairs, a shallow entry point, a place to sit and visit in shallow water

Integrated Seating   

You want to make your backyard pool not only functional, but fabulous as well.

Make your pool stand out by adding integrated seating to encourage socialization and relaxation. This way, people have comfortable places to watch the children play or safe spaces to hang on to or rest.

Remember to integrate seating only in non-diving areas of your pool.


A true luxury inground pool feature is a waterfall.

Not only do rock waterfalls with boulders or formal straight weirs/spillways create a fetching focal point in your yard, but they add a serene ambiance with their cascading water.

Relaxing the mind, a waterfall is a great addition to any Kansas City backyard pool.

Integrated Spas  

Looking for some stress reduction and pain relief in your backyard pool? Integrate a spa to make your pool stand out.

Position it at the end, toward the side, or at the corner of your pool. It can give you a private space to enjoy hot water and hydrotherapy from the jets. It can also create another place for entertainment and socializing.

Gas Heaters   

A gas heater is a great inground pool feature because they extend the functionality of your pool past the normal summer months.

They are also ideal for quickly heating pools, maintaining a desired temperature, regardless of weather or climate.

Automated Covers   

An automated cover is an incredibly beneficial inground pool feature because they are convenient; no wonder their popularity is on the rise. With this accessory, you can instantly cover your pool any time it storms or leaves are dropping.

This feature also keeps your pool significantly cleaner than a manually installed cover, protecting your pool from additional dirt and debris.

Features That Decrease Maintenance   

Other pool features to consider are those that help reduce any maintenance you might need for your backyard pool.

Anytime you can add a feature that cuts back on the time needed to care for your pool is a bonus. This means you’re spending more hours enjoying your pool versus maintaining it.

Some maintenance-decreasing features include self-dosing chlorinators, ozone systems, and salt systems.

Get a Pool that Differentiates Your Kansas City Backyard   

As you’re dreaming about enjoying warm, summer days in your backyard pool, consider some of these amazing pool differentiators and must-have pool features.

If you’re still unsure which pool accessories or stand-out features you’d like to include in your landscape, let the High Prairie Outdoors help.

We can talk with you about your specific needs and match your tastes, habits, requirements, and needs with the ideal mix of pool products and the ultimate pool design for you and your family.

We know making decisions on what kind of pool you want can be time-consuming and challenging. Our professional design team can help you feel more confident in your choice and give you that backyard you want so you can enjoy as much time as you want in the sun and privacy of your backyard oasis.

Ready to see how High Prairie Outdoors can transform your Kansas City home landscape with our unique and proven pool design and installation capabilities? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a design that you will love and your neighbors will envy.

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