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    The thrill of football season has begun. What better to way to kick things off than with a patio watch party? This year, we’re thinking of serving local craft beers, paired with decadent cheeses, for our fellow football fans. So, if you’re looking for some beer and cheese ideas, we have plenty to share. We like to focus on local fall-flavored beers that make the season feel a little warmer, and that give us a chance to support local breweries. Plus, we have some ideas for patio features and gadgets that can take your football and beer party to the next level.

    Fall Beers

    We suggest you pair these fall beers with creamy soft-ripened cheeses that will and to the richness of the beer. Camembert and brie are two of our favorites to serve next to these fall beers:

    • Fallback American Brown Ale: This brown ale from Martin City Brewing Company is described as the feeling you get the first time you put on a long sleeve shirt in the fall. It’s crisp and warm at once, with a nutty caramel flavor.
    • Easy Sport: Though the Boulevard Brewing Co. carries this beer all-year-round, it is an excellent choice for fall football. Easy Sport is a dry tart beer, that helps you cut carbs before a fall feast.
    • Cosmic Cowboy: This year the Torn Label Brewing Company has come out with a special English style old ale. The pairing of warm caramel and molasses makes it perfect for fall.

    Pumpkin and Fruit Beers

    Considering serving a pumpkin beer? Or, a beer that delivers flavor from your favorite fall fruits? We suggest you pair pumpkin and fruity beers with salty blue style cheeses. The salt balances the sweet notes in these beers:

    • Tart Apple Radler: Apple is the classic fall fruit, and the Boulevard Brewing Co. has delivered it I beer form this season. It’s refreshing and light, which you may prefer over heavier fall beers
    • Bloody Christmas: The blood orange in this beer is a perfect fit for Christmas, but who says you can’t enjoy it early? The Torn Label Brewing Company has paired blood orange with chocolate for this Christmas beer.
    • Coffee Hop’D: Of course, fall is the perfect time to try nutty beers. This brew from Cinderblock Brewery has pecans, fruit notes and malt. It is aged with coffee to blend the flavors together.

    Oktoberfest Beers

    Oktoberfest is all about depth of flavor. These Oktoberest beers pair with well-developed aged semi-hard cheeses. We suggest you try an aged cheddar or jalapeno jack with these beers:

    • Oktoberfest Marzen Lager: This Oktoberfest marzen lager from Martin City Brewing Company has a deep amber look and taste, which is very traditional for fall.
    • Bob’s ’47 Oktoberfest Marzen: The Boulevard Brewing Co. added a bit of well-balanced hop to their dark amber brew. If your guests prefer an intense brew choose this, as it’s more bitter than our other Oktoberfest beer.

    Get Your Patio Outfitted for Maximum Beer Enjoyment

    Once you’ve chosen your beer and cheese pairings, it’s time to make the patio space more convenient and fun for the party. Consider these beer patio accessories:

    • Beer Caramelizer: German beer poking is an old tradition of using a fire poker to place your beer in the fire pit. This warms the beer and brings unique flavors to the forefront. It’s certainly worth a try, especially if the weather might be a little chilly for your football watch party.
    • Beer Chest Cooler: Most of the time, you’ll want your beer to be cold. Make it simpler to keep your beer cool and keep it within arm’s reach with a beer chest cooler. We recommend you leave a space in your outdoor kitchen island to tuck the cooler into.
    • Bull Grills: Why not treat yourself this fall with a new, heavy-duty grill? We recommend Bull Grills for their quality and durability. With stainless steel to disperse heat and precise temperature control, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect Oktoberfest sausage.
    • Craft Kegerator: Craft beer fanatics will prefer to pour from a kegerator, which keeps the beer at the perfect temperature to reduce foam and maintain taste.

    We hope your fall football and beer parties are off to a great start. If you need help making your outdoor living area the ultimate fall entertaining space before everyone heads over to your house, reach out to us at the High Prairie Outdoors. We can make your fall party dreams a reality.

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