Are Automated Pergolas Worth the Investment?

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    Traditional pergolas are a great way for homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space for more of the year, and since automatic pergolas carry a far more significant initial investment, many people are wondering if they are going to be worth that investment.

    This can be a complicated question to answer, and many factors can potentially affect it. We’re going to look at what automated pergolas do, the benefits of installing one, and if they are worth the investment overall.

    What Are Automated Pergolas?

    A Kansas City pergola is an outdoor structure that acts as a shelter from the sun and the elements. An automated pergola had a louvered top that can open and close with the push of a button for maximum comfort and adaptability.  When automated, a pergola can sense rain, sun, or wind. It can also adjust the louvers accordingly, even forming a watertight roof in just moments once the rain begins.

    Automated pergolas can be fully customized with glass wall systems, screen systems, heating, and lighting. Depending upon the options selected, it can act as a fully functional outdoor room.

    Are Automated Pergolas Worth The Investment?

    The answer is “it depends.” In many cases, it will depend upon the gratification and enjoyment gained from the new space, the resell value based on market and neighborhood, and the financial position of the family. It’s hard to put a dollar amount on spending more time comfortably outdoors.

    Not all brands are equal in terms of quality, customization options, and durability. Be sure to work with a professional who has studied your available options.

    Functionality Is A Prime Concern

    It’s important to consider the functionality of the space and how you intend to use it. Because there is such a low maintenance requirement, putting in a louvered pergola is a great way to expand your personal space in all seasons and weather conditions. While regular pergolas don’t prevent you from getting soaked during a storm, louvered pergolas can keep you dry with the push of a button.

    Overall The Choice Will Be Very Personal

    With the added living space and leisure functionality, putting a dollar value on the benefits of an automated pergola can be difficult. This means it will be a highly personal decision on how you value personal time and relaxation, which may or may not transfer to the next buyer of the home.

    Resale Value Can Be Challenging To Gauge

    If you were to ask a real estate professional if getting an automated pergola was worth it, you probably wouldn’t be able to get a clear answer one way or the other. The reason why is due to the nature of an automated pergola being essentially a hybrid of a traditional pergola and full room addition. With a hybrid nature such as this, there are no clear metrics of how to assess the value in the context of the resale value that it brings.

    Benefits Of Automated Pergolas

    Countless Design Options

    You can customize your automated pergola to your home’s aesthetic, or your tastes. Choose from styles that range from sophisticated and sleek to traditional and even rustic. You can find color samples of countless options that can make your pergola either stand out or blend right in.

    Protection From The Elements

    Many modern automatic pergolas incorporate features like watertight, gapless louvers, as well as wind, sun, and rain sensors. These features provide automatic operation during sudden weather changes.

    Additional Living Space

    Your automated pergola gives you a beautiful extension of your home that can be used for everything. It can be used as an outdoor office space, a cozy place to barbeque on the weekends, and even a place for upscale dinner parties for friends or family.

    Entertainment Location

    An automated pergola makes a perfect place for entertaining guests. They are attractive and highly adaptable to many situations. Host parties, dinners, family gatherings, or even a night in with friends with your new covered outdoor space.

    Contact Local Experts To Plan Your Automated Pergolas

    If you feel that your home could benefit from the additional living and entertainment space that automated pergolas can bring, reach out today to discuss your needs and the pergola options that can meet those needs.

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