7 Ways to Make Your Landscaping Stand Out In Kansas City

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    You want to have a home you are proud of. You also want to make sure the landscaping you add enhances your home’s facade.

    You certainly don’t have to have a landscape that is similar to your neighbor’s. Who wants cookie-cutter properties? You want to give your landscape a fresh look with unique ideas that boost your home’s curb appeal and increase your home’s value, while also shining with distinctive charm.

    Let’s talk about some stand out landscaping ideas to give you ways for freshening up the look of your space, giving you a place you love spending time in and coming home to each day.

    7 Best Landscaping Ideas in Kansas City to Make Your Home Stand Out  

    A gorgeous yard can bring you joy, sure, but it can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

    These creative and amazing landscaping ideas can bring interest, color, texture, and functionality.

    1. Think Beyond Foundation Plantings  

    Your home has a foundational footprint on your property. This is why foundation plantings – or installing a layer of plants that skirt the foundation of your home – became a classic landscape behavior. The shrubs and plants soften the hard lines of the house.

    But while you can see foundation plantings around your home as you approach it from far away, which boosts your curb appeal, you can’t see your landscape when you look out your windows if you just have foundation plantings installed.

    Expanding your landscape into your yard in a strategic way is a beautiful yard idea that allows you to enjoy your garden from both inside and outside the home.

    2. Plant in Layers, Not Single Rows  

    Single row lines can become pretty boring. They are reminiscent of farm rows.

    For stand-out landscaping, you want to create more depth and more multi-season interest. Planting in layers provides blooms at different times of year, strategically delivering color and brilliance to keep you seeing something fresh.

    While more plants can sometimes mean more maintenance, planting in layers – over rows – can make your space feel grander.

    3. Balance Soft and Hard Edges   

    Architecture, in general, tends to have hard lines. Squares, rectangles, and triangles that all bring edges and points to your space.

    Landscaping aims to soften those edges. Your goal with a precise, professional design that creates amazing landscaping is to balance architecture with landscaping – or hardscaping with softscaping – to soften rough edges.

    4. Don’t Forget Functionality in Your Landscaping  

    While landscaping can look beautiful, amplifying curb appeal and providing color and texture, it also can serve functional purposes.

    Stand-out landscaping should have multiple uses so you can enjoy it in different ways. These functional aspects include blocking the wind, shading a patio, providing privacy, hiding unsightly features like air conditioning units or protecting important items like regular deliveries.

    This is also a way to better use your dollars to create a landscape you can enjoy for years to come.

    5. Add Fragrance and Sound   

    To have truly amazing landscaping means including all of the senses – not just sight, but also touch, scent, and sound.

    Many colorful blooms also have fragrance, and this is a way to boost enjoyment in the garden in a subtle but highly impactful way.

    When it comes to sound, there’s nothing better than the trickle of moving water. You might even call it the most relaxing sound in the world.

    This creates an immersive experience where you can truly escape into your garden, enjoying it more fully. And your water feature doesn’t have to be large to create a relaxing impact. Even a tabletop bubbler can still create those soothing sounds and water movement promotes stress relief.

    6. Include Seasonal Color  

    We enjoy the seasonal changes here in Kansas City. And our landscapes change with them, giving us awakenings and sunshine and then muted fall blooms and winterscapes. You can find something lovely in every season.

    One way to have stand-out landscaping is to amplify seasonal enjoyment by adding flowers that provide texture and interest to enrich the landscape and keep things looking beautiful. Landscape bulbs in spring can break through snow and bring early brightness, followed by emblazoned, summer sensations. In fall, rich hues can enrich cooler autumn days, and winter has its own unique colors and interest.

    When you include multi-seasonal displays, you are adding high-impact, fun ways to differentiate your landscape from spring to summer to fall and winter.

    7. Consider Focal Points or Vignettes  

    In landscape design, focal points guide someone’s attention to a particular location. They create interest where it didn’t exist before.

    The other positive thing about vignettes is that you can enjoy them from both outside and inside your home based on their location. Front courtyards, for instance, can increase your enjoyment of that space when you’re outside, but they can also give you something gorgeous to see when you look out your front windows.

    Why Stand-Out Landscaping Matters in Your Home Landscape  

    When you go through the landscape design and installation process, you want your end result to be something you absolutely love and that amplifies your curb appeal, functionality, and overall beauty.

    A proper landscape design/build process will include asking you the right questions to uncover your needs and bring your landscape vision in Kansas City to life. This should also bring you peace-of-mind knowing you’re getting exactly what you want and need in your space.

    When you work with a company who takes your needs into consideration to determine the right amazing landscaping for you, then you know you can get a property that stands out in your neighborhood. On top of that, you get a well-planned and designed landscape with an elevated outdoor appeal. It’s a long-term investment you can rely on.

    Ready to Try One of These Beautiful Yard Ideas in Kansas City?   

    Now that you know what kind of ideas can provide you with amazing landscaping, we hope you are inspired to get started in transforming your Kansas City landscape.

    You can picture yourself doing so many fun things in your new yard. You can sit in the sun on your new patio, listen to bubbling water as you grill a steak in your outdoor kitchen, sit around your cozy fireplace among the ambiance light and crackling, or sip ice cold water beside your custom-built pool as you smell the fragrant flowers.

    If it’s still hard to think about how you can create a truly elegant and idyllic space, we surely understand. It’s not easy to break down all of the ideas and get the final landscape you want. There are so many options and choices available.

    Let High Prairie Outdoors help. We can listen and help you narrow down your options so you can have a clearer vision of what you want to create in your space and how you want to enjoy it. We can help you determine the right steps to achieve your goals and feel confident in your plan.

    Every family is unique. You deserve a landscape that mirrors your own special style. You can get a space that shows the community you take pride in your property and have a distinct style.

    Let us help you; we can’t wait to give you the kind of space that takes your Kansas City yard from bland to glam.

    Ready to see how High Prairie can transform your Kansas City home landscape with our unique and proven stand-out landscaping ideas? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a design that you will love and your neighbors will envy.

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