7 Spring Landscaping Services You Can’t Do Without

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    Landscaping services typically differ from season to season. When it is winter, and there is snow on the ground, you won’t be thinking about weeding the garden. But when spring rolls around the corner, there are a variety of essential and beneficial spring landscaping services that you can’t do without.

    1. Aerating the Lawn

    A lot of people outside of the landscaping world might not even know what this one means. Aerating the lawn is a process that utilizes equipment that will create small holes in the turf. These holes formulate little air pockets, and their primary goal is to increase the health of the roots and the soil. You’ll want to get this done when the ground has dried out. You should also get a professional landscaping company to do this because it requires some specific equipment that most people probably don’t have in their garages.

    2. Dethatching Your Yard

    Throughout the fall and winter, dead leaves, dead grass, and other debris will accumulate in your yard. This debris is known as thatch. In order for grass to grow healthy and efficiently, the thatch needs to be taken out of the yard. This process is known as dethatching. If you notice there is a layer of thick thatch in your yard that is up to or over 3 inches high, then that is a good indicator you should be dethatching. If the thatch is under 3 inches, then your landscaper will most likely just use a power rake to remove it. It’s usually at the landscaper’s discretion, but some will dethatch when they are providing aeration services as well.

    3. Getting the Lawn Rolled

    If you’re situated in an area where the climate is cooler, it’s impossible to avoid the effects of frost throughout the winter months. When spring comes, sometimes the nights and mornings can still be quite cold, and frost can cause the turf to change formation. This will result in an uneven lawn that contains bumps all over the place. When you want lawn rolling services from your landscaper, they will use a lawn roller to even out and balance the surfaces of the ground. Lawn rolling won’t have an impact on your grass; it’s mostly just focused on evening out the yard.

    4. Garden Cleaning Services

    Many people that grow gardens will not bother with removing their plants or shrubs when fall hits. While not having this task completed in fall can provide the birds with feed throughout the winter, it also means that it has to be done in spring. Your landscaper will remove all of the leftover foliage from the previous season. They will put all of the compostable material into a bin, and rid the soil of any pests that are found lurching in it. Getting this landscaping service done is a breath of fresh air, because who doesn’t like to come home to a freshly groomed garden that’s ready for planting?

    5. Weeding Around the Yard

    Having this landscaping service done is a given. Though the initial weeding done in the spring is the most intensive, it is also the most beneficial. Your landscaper will know not to put any weeds into the compost bin, as that can cause issues later on. Getting rid of weeds early in the season will prevent them from taking too much authority over the rest of your garden or yard.

    6. Adding a Layer of Mulch

    Adding mulch to certain areas of the yard or gardens not only creates an attractive landscaping visual, but it also helps retain moisture in the ground and lowers the number of weeds that can grow. There are a variety of different products your landscaper will use for mulch. Some of the common ones are wood chips and chipped bark. The chunkier and thick mulches provide the soil with the most amount of shade. Some people also opt to use grass clippings as mulch because of their added benefits of providing nitrogen to gardens, shrubs, and lawns.

    7. Getting Some Annuals Planted

    The earlier you have some annuals planted, the faster you’ll be able to enjoy the palette of colors that will highlight your yard. Planting them right in spring gives you a huge head start to the season. Sometimes people even plant them in their homes before introducing them to the outdoors when things start to warm up a bit.

    Having these few landscaping services done will bring you peace of mind knowing you can spend extra time outdoors without worrying about extra tasks and chores.

    If you are looking for a trustworthy landscaping team in Kansas City, contact High Prairie Outdoors — we are meeting remotely, producing safely.

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