5 Water Features That Will Transform Your Outdoor Space

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    The serene trickling of a stream, the soothing whooshing of a waterfall, the gentle bubbling of a fountain. Nothing beats the sound of an outdoor water feature and its impact on reducing your stress and tension. It’s even better when you have one located right in your Kansas City backyard. You don’t have to go very far for that amazing feeling.

    After a long, exhausting, and hard day, the sensations a water feature brings can offer instant relaxation. Who doesn’t need that today?

    On top of that, moving water can bring birds and other nature to your space, adding the perfect background ambiance.

    Sure, you can’t ignore the many positive attributes of installing a water feature in your yard. But when planning this addition, you have to consider the style you desire, as well as some other factors, such as the size of your space, to determine the best water feature for you.

    Ready to add a water feature? Here are some options for transformative luxury water features and how you can choose the right one for your landscape.

    What is an Outdoor Water Feature?  

    First, let’s talk about what a built-in water feature is in your yard.

    A water feature, by definition, is any element in your landscape that holds water. There are two distinct ways water features can do this. Let’s learn more about them.

    Still/Standing Water Features  

    One distinct type of outdoor water feature is the still or standing water feature.

    These are distinguished by the fact that they do not include a pump system as part of their installation.

    Some types of these kinds of water features include:

    • Reflection bowls or ponds

    • Bird baths

    • Drainage features that offer function and beauty, such as rills and some stream beds

    Moving Water Features  

    The other type of outdoor water feature you’ll find is a moving water feature.

    These have pump systems that are designed to perpetually move water.

    Some examples of these include:

    • Fountains, ground or wall

    • Bubblers, including boulder bubblers

    • Tabletop bubblers

    • Water falls and stepped water features

    • Ponds with pumps

    • Infinity reflection features

    Reasons Water Features Make a Big Impact  

    All types of outdoor water features make a big impact.

    In fact, there are some real health benefits that looking at water offers. They bring movement, varied texture, reflection, and relaxing sounds.

    When someone sees or hears the soothing sounds of water, it actually induces a calming effect by increasing blood flow to the brain and heart.

    In fact, the many psychological and visual benefits of moving water can be maximized in stepped water features or terraced water features. The varied drops in elevation provide an opportunity to increase the relaxing water sounds and more visibly observe the reflective movement.

    outdoor landscape Kansas City

    5 Water Feature Ideas For Your Kansas City Backyard  

    Water features are often customized to the unique style of each family.

    They can be done in many styles – from formal to rustic to naturalized to contemporary.

    What makes a water feature look special is how it is organically incorporated into your environment – designed and installed as if it were always there. When a water feature appears to be “plunked” into a space, it can take away from the relaxing feelings and overall design.

    Water features should also be balanced. The location should make sense and the structure should complement the surroundings. Soft and hard edges must be balanced as well.

    Try some of these water feature ideas.

    1. The Natural Look   

    A natural pond is forged out of your environment, and with the help of liners, pumps and rocks, it is transformed to look like it was always in your space.

    Ponds can be enhanced with waterfalls that cascade over boulders or stones to deliver a one-of-a-kind luxury water feature look.These ponds are never cookie-cutter; they are always unique.

    2. Falling Water   

    A waterfall is a luxury water feature that provides the trickling sounds of falling water and the vertical interest of a contemporary addition without needing to reserve the large space necessary for an entire pond.

    If you don’t want to take up a large portion of your yard or if you have a smaller space, a waterfall can add just that right touch.

    3. Backyard Bubblers  

    Bubblers create the impression of water welling up from the earth.

    They can be custom-designed to be as small or large as you need, creating visual appeal and enticing sounds to fit your needs. They can also be added nearly anywhere – around your patio, near your outdoor kitchen, or even integrated into your pool to enhance the surrounding environment.

    4. Fountain Fun  

    If you’d like a bit of sculpture with your outdoor water feature, a fountain might be your style.

    Fountains are adaptable to your space constraints, as well as your unique style. They can be grand or delicate. They can also be modern with clean lines or include detailed elements that remind you of baroque gardens.

    As standalone features, fountains can be placed in nearly any location and can offer sounds ranging from tempting trickles to a more consistent stress-relieving cascade.

    5. Streaming Water  

    If you have an extensive Kansas City estate, a stream can connect multiple spaces in your backyard.

    A stream adds a natural landscape effect that includes the pleasing water flowing sounds without much vertical lift.

    Get the Best Water Feature In Your Backyard   

    As you’re thinking about adding a water feature wonder to your Kansas City yard, you might find you can’t decide which type of luxury water feature is for you.

    We completely understand. There are a lot of ideas out there. High Prairie Outdoors can help you figure out the ideal water feature for your specific needs, requirements, habits, and tastes.

    You want to enjoy your space, after all, getting those benefits of stress-relief and relaxation. Our professional designers can help you feel confident in your choice and give you that backyard you are envisioning so you can reap the rewards.

    Ready to see how High Prairie Outdoors can transform your Kansas City home landscape with our unique and proven water feature design and installation capabilities? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a design that you will love and your neighbors will envy.

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