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Searching for Kansas City drainage solutions? Let High Prairie Outdoors help you build the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Eliminate Water Worries with Landscape Drainage Solutions in Kansas City

Is your backyard a swamp? Do you get embarrassed to invite people over, especially after it rains? Are mosquitoes setting up camp keeping you from enjoying your backyard? Is water settling around the base of your home threatening your basement foundation?

No one likes to deal with water issues. They create big headaches. And when you look at them and the expensive problems and property damage they can create, all you see are dollar signs.

Time for landscape drainage solutions to banish water woes for good.

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Permeable Paver Patios & Driveways

Need to control water flow on your property? One stormwater management solution that works to control excess runoff is permeable paver walkways, patios, or driveways. This means standing pools of water will disappear.

Permeable pavers, made from fired clay brick or concrete, have gaps between them that we fill with crushed aggregate. These gaps allow water to pass through to the layers beneath, filtering it as it makes its way back to the water table or sewer system. This makes it a greener solution for your landscape.

Bonus: Fewer standing pools of water mean fewer mosquitoes, eliminating more than one problem in your yard.

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Landscape Drainage Solutions: French Drains, Grading & Dry Wells

During rainstorms, the torrents of water rushing through the gutters and out your downspouts can contribute to flooding. Low spots could be to blame.

Rerouting rainwater through a French drain — a perforated underground pipe that collects and directs surface water — can take water to curbside storm drains so it doesn’t sit on your property. We top the flexible pipe that directs your water with gravel and then soil and grass.

Another option that can help is examining and repairing the slope in your yard through proper grading. For effective grading, you want a precise degree of slope away from your home so water doesn’t pool or back up along your home foundation.

And if after rain storms, your property experiences flooding that soaks into the ground within a couple of hours, your yard may benefit from a dry well, which is positioned in a low-lying area to collect water and then slowly release it into the surrounding soil.

Try a Rain Garden or Bioswale

If the low-lying areas of your yard are consistently under water after storms, consider turning these swamps into attractive rain gardens — all-natural solutions to your water woes.

Rain gardens use plant beds of porous soil and plants that thrive in standing water to fill depressions in the ground. A rain garden is versatile, meaning it can be as big or small as you need for correcting your runoff issues. And you can even opt to direct water from other low-lying areas to your rain garden with a French drain.

Another option called a bioswale uses thick grasses in a narrow ditch-like planting to help collect and filter stormwater.

Dry Streams: Places to Let Water Flow

Do you usually prefer to just go with the flow? Since water always finds its way down a hill, an attractive solution to go with water’s path is to create a dry stream.

A dry stream uses gravel, rocks, and boulders to line water’s path. Excavating the path and introducing water-loving plants can make the dry stream more efficient.

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Water Solutions That Won’t Leave You Wet

When water is problematic, you definitely don’t want to try and tackle it yourself. Peace of mind starts with a proper site analysis and options you can understand and get behind.

Let our Kansas City landscape water management experts look at your soggy spots and help you ward off water worries permanently.

A Better Outdoor Space is a Click Away

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