What Does Landscape Lighting Maintenance Entail?

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    Landscape lighting maintenance is often a service that gets overlooked or even plainly neglected, until the moment that your landscape loses its beautiful illumination. Suddenly your formerly elegant property and landscape lighting are now lopsided and advertising its disrepair in the evening hours. When landscape lighting is the heartbeat that keeps your outdoor spaces looking vibrant and beautiful throughout each season, what sort of maintenance is needed to keep that lighting looking great?

    The expert outdoor professionals at High Prairie Outdoors offer maintenance programs for your landscape lighting that will help keep it looking bright and welcoming all year. This service covers all five essential components: fixture cleaning, fixture alignment, bulb replacement, timing adjustment, and operations monitoring. We’re going to dig into what each of these means, and what partnering with High Prairie Outdoors can do for your property.

    Fixture Cleaning

    Over time, homes in the KC area are exposed to a considerable amount of dust, dirt, and debris. Even pollen, as fine as it is, coats everything in the mid-spring. All of that works together to diminish the performance of your landscape lighting’s intensity and effectiveness. Regular cleaning, typically performed semi-annually, helps remove any accumulated obstructions to maintain the desired lighting effect. This generally involves brushing and wiping down the fixtures and lenses, followed by a meticulous inspection of the condition for any damage.

    Fixture Straightening & Alignment

    Just as the seasons change, so too, do your seasonal landscape and resulting lighting needs. Plants grow, trees fill out and subsequently shed leaves, branches move, and shadows change. Strong storms that create some debris impacts on the lighting equipment can alter the alignment as well. Regular straightening and adjustment of landscape lighting components ensure they are always illuminating the features and desired spaces most effectively.

    Bulb Inspection & Replacement

    Checking the bulbs regularly is critical for making sure the lighting components continue to operate uninterrupted. If bulbs are seen to be flickering, dimming, or entirely nonfunctional, our professionals will replace them immediately to prevent any disruptions to your elegantly lit landscape.

    Timing Adjustments

    As the year progresses, the changes to sunrise, and sunset, as well as the sudden impact of daylight savings changes, can alter your landscape lighting needs dramatically. Your landscape lighting will need to be timed in accordance with these ongoing shifts to ensure that your lights are always on when needed, but only when needed. This means better lighting, as well as energy efficiency and bulb longevity.

    Operations Monitoring & Repairs

    Operations monitoring is a crucial part of overall landscape lighting maintenance. It involves checking the power supply, inspecting transformers, and examining wiring to make sure everything is installed and functioning correctly. This continuous monitoring helps identify small problems as soon as possible. This early intervention provides the homeowner the chance to take the needed steps to not only stop the damage from worsening, but to repair the system back to full functionality quickly and with minimal expense.

    Partner With High Prairie Outdoors For Your Landscape Lighting Maintenance Needs

    Landscape lighting maintenance helps reduce or even eliminate the frustrations commonly associated with trying to maintain your landscape lighting on a DIY basis. When you work with a company like High Prairie Outdoors, you are leveraging the KC region’s leading experts on premium outdoor living, landscape care, and maintenance.

    If you’re ready to highlight the serene beauty of your landscape, without worrying about the hassle of dealing with lighting yourself, High Prairie Outdoors is here to help. We’re ready to be your trusted landscape lighting maintenance partner, just reach out today for more information or to get started.

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