Why is a twelve-month Landscape Maintenance Contract better for you?

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Being a homeowner comes with an almost never-ending list of things that need to be done to repair or maintain the property, including landscape, but many savvy homeowners are turning to a landscaping maintenance contract to take some of the burdens off of their shoulders. Many other homeowners consider it but wonder if the 12-month contract is better than shorter contracts or even monthly service.

Not only is a 12-month landscape contract better for you, but there is a long list of reasons why. We’re going to dive into those reasons here, and look at exactly why an annual contract is better for you.

Why Is A 12-Month Landscape Maintenance Contract Better?

The plain truth is, your gardening and landscaping needs don’t stop simply because your plants are dormant. A popular misconception is that plants and gardens don’t need care in the “off-season” because everything is dormant and inactive. The truth, however, is quite the opposite. We offer a range of services that not only provide crucial fall and winter care for your property and plant life but also prepare your landscaping to thrive the following season.

Structural Pruning

Structural pruning is one of several essential landscaping services that can only be done during the cooler months when deciduous plants are dormant. Pruning helps to groom plant structures into the optimal shape and density, to allow for healthy and unhindered growth. Structural pruning, however, can only take place in the winter when all of the leaves have fallen and the full shape and structure of the tree can be assessed.

Water Monitoring

Many people forget how crucial watering can be in the winter since many of the plants become dormant. Kansas City has countless millions of evergreens, however, and those continue to have a significant need for hydration in winter. With many winters bringing significant drought, maintaining a watering program into the cold months is essential to keeping evergreens healthy. To ensure that we only water when necessary, we perform continuous monitoring of the local water and soil conditions.

Structural & Soil Feeding Programs

While many plants are dormant in fall and winter, maintaining a consistent maintenance routine is essential for building and maintaining soil health and nutrient levels. Many vital processes happen during the winter that prepares the soil for nurturing plant life the following spring. By providing important periodic feedings to the root structures, they can be primed for lush growth when soil temperatures rise,

Budgeting Becomes Easier

In addition to all of the tangible landscaping benefits of having healthier plants and grounds, there is also the benefit of being able to reduce budgeting stress. By working with your landscaping provider on a twelve-month contract you can make budgeting the service much easier than with partial-year contracts like 6-month or 9-month contracts. You’re spreading your investment over twelve months, which helps your cash flow AND your landscape!

You & Your Landscaping Partner Stay Engaged Consistently

There is often a major service disconnect that happens during times of seasonal service reductions. By maintaining a consistent relationship with your landscaper, there is no disconnect, and optimal service can be enjoyed year-round. There isn’t the ramp-up in spring or having to learn all new staff. And those staff don’t have to learn your property because they’re already familiar.

Trust The Best

If you have any questions or simply want more information about what our landscape maintenance contract will cover, reach out to a member of our expert local landscaping team, and we’ll get you all of the information and answers you need.

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