What are Popular Estate Outdoor Living and Landscape Design Ideas?

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    Estate outdoor living and landscape design has evolved relatively rapidly over the past few decades, which has resulted in the introduction of many unique and stunning designs that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. We’re going to dig into some of the most popular and trendsetting landscape design ideas that can transform your estate into a luxurious outdoor living space that you can enjoy for a significant portion of the year.

    Meandering Paths: Bridging the Gap Between Man-Made and Nature

    One of the most captivating features of estate outdoor living is the integration of meandering paths that emulate natural meadows and streams. These winding paths are adorned with flowers and other diverse plant life and create the illusion of strolling through picturesque countryside. The pathway design allows for the exploration of the estate while maintaining the serenity of the natural landscape.

    Front Courtyards: Aesthetic Beauty Meets Functionality

    Front courtyards have long been a staple of estate design, but their functional role in estate outdoor living has been completely reimagined. Instead of being the space for grand entrances, these courtyards now double as scenic viewing spots for tracts of land or picturesque yards. Add lush greenery, luxurious seating, and some stunning sculptural work, and you have a relaxed ambiance combined with incredible visual appeal.

    Hidden Sports Courts: A Playground Amidst Nature

    Estate outdoor living often brings a fun twist to the conventional garden concept with hidden sports courts. Bocce, basketball, tennis courts, and more, can be tucked into secret gardens that not only provide an excellent recreational outlet but also a seamless integration with the surrounding natural aesthetic. Often concealed behind vegetative, “green”, walls or amidst blooming flower beds, these courses add a playful element to the estate, while maintaining the overall elegance.

    Garden Houses: A Sanctuary for Entertainment and Growth

    One of the most significant and integral parts of the outdoor living space on estates is the garden house. The garden house serves as both an entertainment area as well a plant-growing space. They create the ultimate setting for garden parties and social gatherings, without straying significantly from the surrounding natural beauty of the grounds. They also offer the perfect sanctuary for avid gardeners, offering a place to cultivate a wide range of plants close to their living space.

    Swim Ponds: Merging Aquatic Beauty with Outdoor Leisure

    Swim ponds are a simply remarkable design idea that blurs the line between a pool and a naturalized, clean swimming environment. An alternative to conventional swimming pools, these ponds leverage natural purification processes to keep the water clean. They are combined with various visually appealing rock formations and aquatic plants to create a calming, yet exotic aura.

    Trust High Prairie Outdoors With Your Estate Outdoor Living Design Needs

    You’ve seen some of the popular ideas for estate outdoor living projects, and while they’re great starting points, the best part about designing your outdoor living space is making it uniquely your own. Whether you prefer a tranquil stroll along a winding path, a tennis match or basketball game on a hidden court, or a private dip in a natural swimming pond, the design and creation possibilities are endless.

    If you’re ready to start planning an estate outdoor living project for your property, the local experts at High Prairie Outdoors can help bring your visions to life. Take the first step to a complete outdoor transformation today, and call High Prairie.

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