Tips for Planning a Late Winter Party in Your Outdoor Kitchen

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    Winter may not bring on as many reasons for outdoor celebrations as Summer, but it sure has its moments. Kansas is known for our hospitality, finger-licking good food, and mild winters. So, why wouldn’t we take advantage of all of the above by creating the perfect winter party outdoor kitchen spaces to entertain all year round? When it is safe, of course.

    At High Prairie Outdoors, we offer a variety of designs and product options for outdoor kitchens, including brick ovens, sleek countertops, wide basin sinks, stainless steel grills, and outdoor fireplaces. Whatever your style and budget, we can make your outdoor kitchen dream a reality.

    Here, we will offer some of our top tips for planning a late winter party in your outdoor kitchen, and elements you should consider installing to make it a success.

    Be Weather Ready

    Perhaps the best piece of advice for planning any outdoor event in the winter is to be weather-ready. Kansas winters can be unpredictable, and if cold rain or snow ensues, you want to ensure your guests are warm and cozy. This calls for extra blankets, cushy seating, a roaring fireplace, and extra outdoor wear for your guests. You might consider fuzzy woolen mittens and scarves as party favors for any outdoor entertainment planned for the late winter season.

    Another way to keep your guests feeling comfortable despite extreme weather patterns is to opt for an enclosed outdoor seating area. Many Kansas homeowners are choosing to design spaces that work both as indoor or outdoor patio space with wide doors, rooves, and more. Your outdoor kitchen can be as close or far from nature as you like it, and High Prairie Outdoors can help you make the changes you need to bring your guests out from the cold without losing the element of an outdoor adventure.

    Serve Comfort Foods

    Nothing warms you up more than cozy comfort foods, and late winter parties are the perfect time to break out those traditional recipes. Chowder, butternut squash soup, mashed potatoes and gravy on the side of a leg of lamb roasted in your outdoor brick oven are just some of the amazing comforting dishes to consider for a late winter gathering on your patio this year.

    The great thing about hot comfort food is that it warms you from the inside. This means, no matter the winter chill in the air, your guests will be feeling safe and happy in your outdoor kitchen nook for the duration of your event.

    Add Ambience with Lighting

    Outdoor lights may not physically heat up your outdoor kitchen party, but they can certainly create a beautiful aesthetic for your event. Consider the way that colored lights add a festive touch around the holidays, or how twinkling garden lighting looks against new fallen snow. Lighting can majorly influence the feeling of a party, creating excitement, or a relaxing vibe, depending on what you’re going for.

    Add a Hot Toddy to Warm Up Your Crew

    Is there anything more impressive than a signature drink? A hot toddy is a perfect accompaniment to any outdoor event in the winter season. It includes all the comforting notes of warm drinks with the vigor and class of a cocktail. Rather than choosing from the classics, consider making a signature toddy to heat up your outdoor kitchen party and show your guests why you’re the hostess with the mostess in town.

    Not in the mood for a hard drink? No problem. You can create a signature mocktail hot toddy to woo your guests into the winter spirit. All the comfort but fewer calories!

    Hop Into the Hot Tub

    Finally, one of the best ways to impress guests at an outdoor winter party is to invite friends for a dip. There is nothing more satisfying than relaxing in a bubbling hot tub while the snow falls peacefully around you. Fight the chill with some watery warmth.

    High Prairie Outdoors specializes in landscaping and gardens across Kansas, but we also offer a variety of specialty services, including pool and hot tub installation and maintenance.

    Contact High Prairie Outdoors

    If you’re planning a winter wonderland kitchen party this season, and are looking for ways to improve your outdoor kitchen, we can help. Our team of innovative contractors, architects, and landscapers are always happy to create bespoke designs for our clients to help your outdoor space become your own personal oasis. For more information call us at 1-816-398-2901.

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