Pool Patio Design Considerations

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    So you’ve decided you want a pool, and while you may already be aware of what is involved with the pool design process, the pool patio design is just as important. The patio is where all of the time will be spent when not in the pool.

    Pool Patio Design Tips

    Designing your pool patio is a chance to create a unique outdoor living space for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come. There are some significant considerations to take into account, however, and here are some of the biggest.

    Spatial Need Awareness

    Before jumping into design, you’ll need to consider how many people are going to potentially be using the space, and what they will be using it for. Whether the space will be used for lounging, entertaining, or other gatherings will help determine how much space will be needed, and how it should be laid out or oriented. Additionally, working with a professional is crucial to ensuring your project doesn’t run afoul of any legalities or municipal regulations.

    Solar Reflective Index

    The solar reflective index (SRI) of your pool patio deck material is a crucial consideration that many people don’t give enough thought to. Materials with higher SRI ratings, like travertine or ivory-colored pavers, will be able to reflect more of the solar energy, making them much cooler and more comfortable to stand or sit on. This makes them ideal for use on a patio or pool deck.

    On the other end of the spectrum, materials like concrete, dark-colored pavers, and darker porcelain have a much lower SRI, meaning they absorb much more solar energy than they reflect. When materials absorb that energy, they retain it as heat, making them far less comfortable for feet and paws than lighter colors.

    Chemical Exposure

    Pools need a lot of chemical help to stay healthy, but many materials break down with exposure to chlorine and other pool chemicals. When designing your pool deck and patio area, be sure you work with a professional that has extensive knowledge of the various materials and how they react to common pool chemicals. Picking materials that only hold up for a few years under chlorine exposure may make your project cheaper initially, but you may find that you have to repair that area after just a few years.

    Shade Options

    Another significant factor to consider when designing your pool patio is where your shade is going to be, and what is going to provide that shade. Pools are great, but nobody wants a pool that has nothing around it but searing concrete and blazing sun. Pergolas, umbrellas, and other shade structures incorporated into your hardscaping can make your pool area much more inviting in the peak summer sun.

    Patio Winterization

    When properly designed, your pool patio should provide four seasons of value, even if your pool is shut down for one of those. Patio heaters, fire features, and enclosed structures can help extend the use and value of your patio area, while also extending your living space.

    High Prairie Outdoors Can Be Your Pool Patio Design Expert

    No matter what you want to use your outdoor patio area for, it’s important to have it designed properly. By considering the things we discussed here, you’ll be ready to take an informed position on the design of your pool patio and be more satisfied with the result. For more information on pool patio design, or to start your project, reach out today.

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