Planning a New Pool for 2021? Here’s What You Need to Know

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    Summer is a time for garden parties, barbeques, and dips in the pool, and according to our clients, 2021 is the year for new pools. High Prairie Outdoors is a full-service boutique landscaping firm dedicated to the home and business owners of Kansas City. Our company is composed of some of the city’s best and brightest contractors and gardeners, working on projects ranging in shape and size.

    One of the projects we take on each year is pool installation. Whether you are looking for a pool and hot tub combo, or you want a full Olympic-sized swimming space for your backyard, we can help.

    To prepare you for the upcoming pool season, we’ve created a 2021 pool guide. Here is what you should know if you are considering a new pool this year.

    Checking for Wires and Pipes

    The idea of a new pool seems all glitz and glamor, but there are some nitty-gritty steps to get out of the way before you get started breaking ground. For one thing, your home is likely covered in underground pipes and wires which run to your, and your neighbors’ properties.

    Building a pool means digging a very large portion of earth from your property, both in length and depth. If there are water pipes or wiring under your property, you need to ensure your pool is being built in a safe location far from these items.

    Fortunately, before you begin building you will have the land surveyed, and contractors will help you determine the best build site.

    Legalities of a New Pool

    From easements to local building restrictions, there are a variety of legal problems which could arise during the construction of a pool. To save yourself the headache of starting and stopping the pool building process, we recommend doing some research on your property before you begin.

    Check with Kansas City to ensure you can build a pool on your property and that the site of your home isn’t considered historical ground or part of a wildlife project. Apply for all necessary building permits, and be sure they are approved before you start.

    Picking a Pool Type

    There is more than one type of material used in the construction of swimming pools. Your budget or contractor may play a role in the choice of material you go with. Some of the more common materials for inground pools in Kansas City include:

    Gunite and concrete pools tend to be the most expensive, but also the most durable. If an inground or free-standing pool that is built for longevity is desired, we often recommend stainless steel. The stainless steel can stand up to the shrink and swell of the clay soils Kansas City has, not to mention they are completely customizable so you get exactly what you want! However, we have seen some Kansas City homeowners choose more affordable solutions, such as vinyl-lined pools. It is rare, as vinyl deteriorates quickly, and it is difficult to meet safety standards in the city.

    When to Build

    Usually, the best time of year to begin construction on a swimming pool is early Spring, unless the stainless steel option is chosen, they can go in at any time of year. This guarantees the ground is soft enough to dig and build, and you may even have a completed product in time for a summer swim.

    For landowners who are building a home as well as a pool, most landscaping companies suggest building the pool after the house is finished, but before the landscaping is completed. There is a lot of digging and debris in the creation of a pool, and you may find it destroys quite a bit of your lawn as it goes in. Building before landscaping leaves plenty of blank canvas to work with following the completion of the build.

    Electricity is a necessity when building a pool, especially if you are looking to add lighting and heating to the water feature. In this way, you will also want to ensure that the new home being built on the property is wired and connected to electricity before building your pool.

    Contact High Prairie Outdoors

    Are you a Kansas City resident looking to install a pool in 2021? High Prairie Outdoors can help. Our team of knowledgeable contractors works closely with clients to help you bring your design dreams to fruition. We will stick by you throughout each step of the pool installation process, ensuring no legalities are overlooked, and you are left with a high-quality product built for longevity and enjoyment.

    To learn more about installing a pool or any other water feature in 2021, we invite you to call us at 1-816-398-2901.

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