Are Stainless Steel Pools the Pools of the Future in Kansas City?

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    The newest type of pool in Kansas City is the stainless steel pool (and hot tubs, too). Why are these pools growing in popularity? Essentially, it’s because they are the most durable, low-maintenance option available. Unlike every other pool type, stainless steel will not rip, crack, or degrade, not even in extreme weather conditions. We think stainless steel pools may be the pools of the future; but are they the right pool for you? You want to make the most of your investment, so you don’t want to jump on a fad that doesn’t make sense for your property. To help you decide if stainless steel swimming pools are really the long-term investment you’re looking for, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of these new types of pools and answer some questions you probably have about them.

    The Durability of Stainless Steel Pools

    The primary advantage of stainless steel pools is that they are very durable. Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground swimming pool, you normally have to deal with ripped linings, cracks, chips, and other durability problems. That’s not so with stainless steel. They virtually never crack, discolor, or leak. As a result, they never have to be refinished or re-sealed. They are also corrosion-resistant naturally, which means you don’t have to add chemicals to prevent corrosion or deal with any rust development.

    Stainless steel pools are also strong enough to withstand earthquake conditions and extreme heat without cracking!

    Lightweight and Ease of Installation

    Stainless steel pools are also much lighter than their concrete or acrylic counterparts. They are light enough to transport that they can be made off-site, tested for quality, and then delivered to your yard. They also do not need the heavy support of rebar that concrete may need.

    Due to its lightweight quality, a stainless steel pool can be installed in areas that other pools just can’t. This includes on rooftops and in yachts. Between its weight and other installation benefits, stainless steel pools can be quickly installed, sometimes within hours.

    Maintenance Benefits of Stainless Steel Pools

    Stainless steel is a naturally hygienic material as its smooth surface doesn’t absorb anything. Plaster and concrete are both porous, so they can harbor bacteria and absorb the chemicals you pour in to combat the bacteria. When you choose a stainless steel pool, you’ll use fewer chemicals and find your pool is easier to keep clean. This costs you less money and time in the long run.

    Will a Stainless Steel Pool Get Hot?

    It’s understandable that you’d be concerned a stainless steel swimming pool will get too hot. However, even in the brightest summer days, a stainless steel pool will not get hot enough to harm you. As it easily conducts heat, it will be the same temperature as the water in it. Thus, Kansas City swimming pool builders can help you to control how hot your swimming pool is.

    Is a Stainless Steel Pool More Expensive?

    Stainless steel pools are generally similar or a tad more expensive than the same size concrete or plaster pool. It is a higher quality, more durable material, so it costs more. Although, over the long term, you may save money as you won’t be repairing the pool, and you’ll spend less on its maintenance.

    Can a Stainless Steel Pool Be Customized?

    Since it is easily shaped and lightweight, stainless steel is actually more easily customized than other pool types. You can get tighter curves and other unusual shapes from a stainless steel pool. You don’t have to worry about how awkward it would be to re-seal an unusually shaped stainless steel pool because you never have to re-seal it.

    Stainless steel allows for unique pool features like fountains, infinity edges, rivers, and much more. Your designer can create something truly special for your outdoor living space with your stainless steel pool.

    Should I Get a Stainless Steel Pool?

    Stainless steel pools offer many other benefits that you may be interested in. They can be made of recycled material, come with very long warranties (usually), and don’t require a curing period. It’s a faster, more durable pool, and the only real downside is a higher upfront cost. Essentially, you’re choosing a higher quality but more expensive swimming pool or hot tub that should pay itself off in the long run with much lower repair or maintenance costs.

    If you’re ready to learn more about the swimming pool that’s right for you and your landscape, contact High Prairie Outdoors today to get started.

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