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    There isn’t a more gorgeous or functional space for your family and friends to enjoy than an outdoor patio. Your patio is always there for you – whether it’s a quiet moment while having your coffee in the morning or you’re grilling something delicious for dinner so you can dine al fresco or you’re prepping for a fun night with friends playing games and catching up.

    While you may know you want a patio to have these summer moments, you may not be sure exactly what you want your patio to look like. And maybe you don’t want it to be like everyone else’s in the neighborhood.

    We get it. We all want a one-of-a-kind space we can call our own – one that isn’t cookie cutter. We want a patio that serves our specific needs and boasts a style we love, one that we can be proud to invite people to and that we can utilize for years and years since it’s a long-term investment.

    Looking at different patio pavers at local department stores might even make your decisions harder. There are so many options. Which one goes with your house? Which one matches your  backyard features? This one looks so plain; is there something more exciting?

    When it comes to patio paver patterns, you’d be surprised at how even the most simple-looking pavers can look unique and creative with the right layout. In fact, depending on your specific desires and needs, you can make a patio design that stands out from the rest.

    Let’s review some patio paver options so you can get a better idea of what you can create in your Kansas City backyard.

    Top Paver Patio Design Ideas For Your Kansas City Backyard  

    There are so many options for patio paver patterns in your landscape, that your mind is probably spinning from the possibilities.

    Never fear! That’s why we’re here. These are some of the most reliable pattern concepts that not only look amazing in your Kansas City backyard, but also offer functional, timeless, unique beauty.

    Three-Piece, Multi-Size Patterns  

    The chameleon of paver patterns for patios, the three-piece, multi-size pattern can be used with any style, depending on the pavers you choose.

    In this style, patterns can be laid in differing variations.

    The Techo-Bloc Trio Pavers Everest brand in blu smooth or slate make a great three-piece, multi-size pattern. It’s perfect for contemporary design lovers who want to refine their walkways and patios with some instant visual appeal. The product is also de-icer and salt resistant and provides a long-term, durable solution.

    Unilock also makes pavers in its Unbirano and Beacon Hill lines that work great in this pattern. They offer a smooth surface for a sleek, modern look with a contemporary color palette.

    In terms of pattern ideas, this option may be the least unique though.

    Running Bond Slabs  

    The running bond slab backyard paver design is common in modern and contemporary gardens, known for its clean aesthetic and simplistic design.

    This pattern involves laying your square or rectangular pavers in a linear, side-by-side pattern but staggering them every other row. It’s similar to a classic subway tile look.

    The Techo-Bloc slabs we love for this pattern include Ocean Grande, Aberdeen, Blu Grande Smooth, and Travertina Raw.

    The Unilock slabs that work well for this pattern include Artline, Beacon Hill Smooth, and Soreno.

    Herringbone Bricks/Pavers  

    The herringbone paver patio design is both classic and modern. This distinctive installation trend compliments any space and home with its compelling weave-like, zig-zag pattern. Pavers are laid at 45-degree angles to create a complex look with tons of visual interest.

    This pattern can be used as a designer accent or for the whole body of your patio. It’s a great timeless choice for formal or country gardens.  

    The Techo-Bloc pavers that work well to create this pattern include Mika, Westmount, and Travertina Raw.

    The Unilock pavers that make a unique herringbone pattern include Copthorne, Town Hall, Mattoni, and Holland Premier.

    Today’s Backyard Paver Design Trends  

    If you want some inspiration for very creative, unique, one-of-a-kind paver patio designs, look to today’s trends.

    Creative landscape designers are constantly coming up with new and fun patio paver design ideas that can give you some great insight for what you want to do with your Kansas City backyard.

    Check out these fun concepts to get your creative juices flowing.

    Contrast is King  

    Contrast has always made an impact. And with backyard paver designs, that’s no different.

    High accent designer accent inlays on paver patios provide those ideal bits of contrast you crave.

    Another great contrast idea is soldier courses. This is a band of contrasting pavers laid around the outer edges of the main body of pavers, creating that visual intrigue and allure.

    The Area Rug Concept  

    Just like an area rug accents your indoor room, anchoring a coffee table or seating area, using accent inlays of different pavers in a creative pattern can do the same thing outside.

    This patio paver pattern can create a great permanent visual that like a real outdoor rug wouldn’t fade, get wet and moldy, or become excessively worn in Kansas City weather.

    Amp Up Your Driveway  

    A boring concrete driveway is just that … boring.

    And it does nothing to amplify a home’s curb appeal.

    Today’s patio paver pattern trend being used to give the front yard a boost is using paver medallions in paver driveways to provide the home with a customized look and feel. The curb appeal boost is instant.

    Taking Herringbone One Step Further  

    We discussed the herringbone patio paver pattern earlier.

    The look is so popular that Kansas City homeowners are using it as inlays around their fire pits or fireplaces to add some dimension and appeal to these areas, drawing people in.

    Bigger is Better  

    We talked about the running bond patio paver pattern earlier.

    People are taking this pattern one step further by using very large slabs in a running bond pattern on pool decks and patios to create a simple, clean look, as well as make the space look more expansive. The larger slabs trick the eye into making a small space feel much larger.

    Don’t Forget The Patio Base   

    You want a patio that’s going to last you the next 5 to 10 years. You don’t want something that’s falling apart from poor construction.

    While your patio paver pattern is what you see when you go outside every day, the patio base is what holds it in place to maintain that perfect, impeccable design.

    Weak foundations are the main reasons even the best backyard paver designs fail, causing buckling or separation.

    You should familiarize yourself with the two main ways to install a patio base:

    • Conventional – This includes a 4-inch compacted base with an edge. It’s the International Concrete Paving Institute standard for patio installation.
    • European Hybrid – This patio installation method uses a 6-inch base with tross betting and concrete, as well as double reinforced edges. It’s the reason stone roads built hundreds of years ago still look good and are intact.

    High Prairie landscape designers prefer the European hybrid method on Kansas City’s clay soils. Our significantly high clay content can cause our patios to shrink and swell more, particularly during freezes and thaws.

    Ready For the Paver Patio Design That You’ve Been Dreaming Of?

    No matter which paver pattern for patios you ultimately choose, you want to make sure it’s designed and built properly. You want it to last.

    And this means working with the right company. You want to choose a company that has experience working with a variety of different patio materials and patterns, has creative ideas, and is familiar with Kansas City soils.

    Your patio, after all, will be a place where you spend a lot of time. You want it to be one you can fully enjoy.

    When it comes to unique patio patterns, this type of work also requires more skill and intricate detail work. A typical patio company may not be committed to this higher level of design.

    As you contemplate which patio paver pattern you’re interested in and all of the options in front of you, the whole process may seem confusing. That’s OK. It’s a big decision. Let High Prairie’s experts help. We have experts on our team that are masters at creating gorgeous, unique patios that last. And we love coming up with new designs and ideas.

    We can also show you what different patio paver materials look like and share some design options and project photos with you, so you can get a better understanding of what will work best to meet your needs.

    Ready to see how High Prairie Landscape Group can install the patio you’re hoping for in your Kansas City landscape? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you and deliver an outdoor space that matches your vision. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can create a solution your neighbors will envy.

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