Award-Winning Landscapes Part 6: Seasonal Color: Over-the-Top Impact

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    The key to over-the-top impact in your outdoor living spaces is to add some seasonal color in the landscape. Step 6 of the secret formula to an award-winning landscape is “seasonal color.” As trends (and our moods) change throughout the seasons, high-impact seasonal rotations of flowers in your landscape keep things looking perpetually fresh and eye-catching!

    Seasonal Color refers to annual flowers and plants that don’t over winter in our Kansas City climate. They’re replaced seasonally to annually. Having seasonal color pockets in your landscape allows you to customize a high impact space that can evolve with the seasons.

    “Brilliant Blossom” Program

    High Prairie Outdoors’s Unique “Brilliant Blossom” program is a four-step system for high-impact seasonal color so you get the most impact for your investment. Seasonal color—when properly installed and cared for—is an annual investment that really pays off. Switching out vivid seasonal color palettes of flowers for each new season changes the look of your landscape, so you’ll feel renewed enthusiasm and never get tired of your landscape all throughout the year.

    To ensure you get the most out of your investment, it’s crucial that you don’t cut corners. For stunning color in the landscape, and for seasonal landscaping to thrive, soil quality, watering, and fertilization all work together to deliver the high-impact results you’re striving for. High Prairie Outdoors’s four-step Brilliant Blossom system is responsible for some of Kansas City’s most spectacular seasonal color displays. Our system makes landscaping with seasonal flowers easy, by treating it as a process, rather than an event.

    The Brilliant Blossom program’s four steps are:

    Step 1: Soil Restructuring and Amending

    Providing a solid foundation of high-quality soil is essential for your seasonal flowers to thrive. Unfortunately, the soils native to the Kansas City region typically have a high clay content, and the heavy consistency tends to bind nutrients, making them unavailable to your flowers. Kansas City soil is notoriously poor draining as well, but most flowers do best in well-drained soil.

    The Brilliant Blossom solution involves a low pH soil amendment in which organic matter and enriched soil are added to your flower beds. Since it typically takes up to three years to build an ideal soil, for each of the first three years, our Brilliant Blossom soil amendment is tilled into the native soil on your property to a minimum of 8 to 10 inches deep. After the first three years, all that’s needed is compost and shallow tilling.

    For best results, seasonal color flower beds should be slightly raised, to prevent the flower roots from having to fight through any native clay. The elevation not only helps your flowers thrive, but it also elevates your flowers for more visibility!

    For seasonal color landscaping, stay away from mulch. It takes too long for mulch to break down, which can be detrimental to your amended soil, especially during the first three years. Stick to soil conditioners or compost as a top dressing for your seasonal flower beds.

    Step 2: Plant Cultivar Selection and Installation

    Some seasonal cultivars perform better than others, and this is probably the single most common reason why so many Kansas City landscape companies fail at seasonal flower rotations. High Prairie Outdoors’s team visits trial gardens all across the country each year, so we’re always on top of the latest improvements that have been made by plant geneticists. Then, we get the newest, best performers custom grown, so our clients have plant options nobody else does. This allows us to offer flowers with improved bloom color, length, and fortitude to the Kansas City area, often before they’re available anywhere else in our region.

    Step 3: Consistent Watering and Pest Prevention

    Consistent watering and pest prevention are two responsibilities we share with our customers. During periods of high heat, daily watering is sometimes required, and the property owner almost always handles this, unless they prefer to invest in daily visits from our team. More typically, we visit weekly to monitor watering and weeds and to apply pest repellent. Insufficient water can stress your flowers and keep them from thriving, so it’s essential to the success of your seasonal landscaping that your garden has sufficient water.

    Squirrels and rabbits can be a challenge for flowers. There are preventative measures that can be done to help mitigate pest damage, but no measure is 100% effective. Be aware that it requires a team effort to ensure your blossoms don’t become bunny fodder.

    Step 4: Maintenance and Feeding

    Our Brilliant Blossom custom maintenance and feeding program is the final step to your high-impact seasonal color display. Following a pre-determined, proven seasonal schedule, High Prairie Outdoors’s combination of blossom-boosting liquid feed and slow-release granular fertilizer will ensure your flower beds look amazing all season long.

    Get the Most Out of Your Investment

    When you want seasonal color, not all landscape companies offer the same results. High Prairie Outdoors’s Brilliant Blossom program has led to city-wide attention for Kansas City communities and homeowners that have followed the program for their landscapes, with photo requests from several local magazines.

    A Case Study-Brilliant Blossom Works!

    We conducted a case study involving another Kansas City community that attempted to replicate the results of our Brilliant Blossom program in its landscapes but opted not to follow the precise steps, in an effort to save money.

    Although both communities used the same flowers and were installed the same week, there is a significant difference between the community who followed the brilliant blossom program and the community who didn’t. Both pictures were taken on the same day.

    Unfortunately, the money this community saved on the maintenance of its landscapes was overshadowed by their initial investment being largely wasted on a mediocre end result.

    When choosing Kansas City landscape companies for seasonal color, High Prairie Outdoors’s Brilliant Blossom program ensures your investment is well worth it. We take care of everything! Seasonal color in the landscape will provide stylish, long-lasting enhancement to your property all year. Make an impact in your landscape with flowers in beautiful seasonal colors by contacting us today to get started!

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