What are the Pros & Cons of Stamped Concrete Patios?

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Exterior leisure spaces are one of the most popular places to start upgrades when you want a fresh look and feel to your home, but homeowners looking to upgrade their patio may be wondering about the pros & cons of stamped concrete patios.

While they are relatively affordable they do come with some potential drawbacks that many homeowners would find considerable or even serious. We’re going to look into what stamped concrete patios are and dive into their pros & cons.

What Are Stamped Concrete Patios?

A stamped concrete patio is poured out of a concrete product, which has had the coloring integrated with the products. On occasion, the dye is applied to the surface instead of integrating into the mix. Once the concrete begins to set, the technician will return to your home and will stamp your concrete with shallow patterns that resemble popular stone styles and textures like stone or brick.

The Pros & Cons Of Stamped Concrete Patios


Lower Initial Investment

One of the biggest pros that people often look at, regarding stamped concrete patios, is their initial investment requirements compared to other patio options. The cost to install a stamped concrete patio is lower than paver or stone patio installations, however, they do tend to be higher than regular concrete patios. For many people, this initial investment is one of the most crucial factors.

Relatively Easy Customization

While the options for customization can be somewhat limited by manufacturer and contractor, there will be an array of colors and stamping styles that can be chosen from. The colors and styles from within the band of potential customization can all be similarly applied with little effort.

Installation Is Quick

Another big perk of having stamped concrete patio components installed is that the installation for stamped concrete patios can be completed significantly faster than many other patio styles. This has a dual benefit for homeowners. The first is that the installation takes less time, which means less time that you and your family are disturbed by construction vehicles, equipment, and associated activity. The second benefit is that since there is less time required to install stamped concrete patios, the labor cost tied to that installation will be lower as a result.


Colors Fade and Distort

While you may have the initial option to choose one of many potential colors for your stamped concrete patio, the color you choose will be largely temporary. The reason is that once the coloring is mixed into the concrete and it has cured, it begins to sustain UV damage that causes fading. Stamped concrete does not retain color like a high quality paver can.

Concrete Cracks

Another potentially serious drawback to stamped concrete patios is that they are highly susceptible to damage from freeze-thaw cycles. This is important to remember for homeowners in the Kansas City area, where we can get some fairly brutal freezing on occasion. This freezing contributes to increased stress on the concrete and eventually causes it to crack.

Repairs Can Be Difficult To Match

When stamped concrete patios eventually crack, many homeowners find a replacement to be a better option. This is due to the difficulty of the material being accurately color-matched closely enough to provide a reasonable appearance after patching.

Pros & Cons of Stamped Concrete: Work With The Local Leaders

If your home’s exterior leisure spaces could use a facelift, concrete patios are just one option. If you need more information on, or have any questions about, the pros & cons of stamped concrete patios, feel free to reach out today and speak with a local member of our expert patio installation team.

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