What Are the Pros & Cons of Gunite Pools?

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Buying a home and subsequently having a pool installed is something most people want as part of the American dream, and more and more people are beginning to look at what it’s going to take to have one installed, and are researching the pros & cons of gunite pools. Gunite pools are gaining popularity across the nation, and one of the most significant areas seeing a spike in gunite pool installations is the Kansas City region.

What Is A Gunite Pool?

A gunite pool is a pool that is constructed out of a concrete subform, and subsequently covered in a plaster mix. The plaster is designed to make the concrete hold water, and ensure the pool stays watertight. Gunite pools can be created in almost any shape or configuration the homeowner desires, and provide the ultimate benchmark in custom pool design.

Pros & Cons Of Gunite Pools


Superior Customization

Due to the construction methods, gunite pools can be created in any shape, configuration, or color that the homeowner wants. The pool can incorporate any number of different attributes, from sundecks to natural-looking boulders, and even waterfalls. Colors can also be tailored to the homeowner’s preferences since the coloring is added during construction and isn’t a painted-on coating.

Perceived Luxury Value

When it comes to the perceived value of the pool, which can be incredibly important for the real estate market, gunite pools are seen more often as a luxury amenity. This often results in a gunite pool contributing to a higher property value.


High Maintenance Requirements

A big drawback to gunite pools is their need for constant, consistent, and precise maintenance. Since plaster is porous, the pool surfaces will need to be brushed clean often to prevent algae from growing. Additionally, the pH and chemical levels must be precisely managed or they can damage the pool.

The good news is that there are ways to decrease maintenance with the help of a pool maintenance plan, robotic scrubbers, self-dosing chemical systems, salt water systems, or ozone systems. While these options would be additional investments they may be worth it in terms of convenience and pool longevity.

Far Higher Investment

While gunite pools offer the absolute maximum in customization and one-of-a-kind home pool areas, the price tag on those installations frequently reflects that uniqueness. Gunite pools require more of an initial investment, both financially, and in time, than either vinyl or fiberglass pools do. While many people see this initial investment as being worth the cost and maintenance commitments, many may also see it as the opposite.

Extended Construction Timeline

One of the biggest drawbacks to having a gunite pool installed is the length of time it takes to complete the process properly. While vinyl pools can be completed in just a few weeks, a gunite pool installation can take 3-6 months. This is a considerable investment of time and is something that anyone considering a gunite pool should be aware of. In many cases, a gunite pool means you will have a construction crew at your home for ⅓ of the year or more.

Plaster can take up to 30 days to cure after installation. It could be worth it to your family, just best sure to set the expectations.

Requires Extremely Skilled Installers

The skill level and expertise needed to properly install a gunite pool mean that only companies with highly-skilled installers will be able to offer expert gunite pool installation. Anything less than expert installation can mean your pool fails to retain water, or that you experience other premature failures of your pool installation.

Pros & Cons of Gunite Pools: Work With A Local Expert For Your Gunite Pool

Gunite pools are the most customizable pools available today, and while that customization can result in incredible pools, it also comes with a significant investment. If you have any questions about the pros & cons of gunite pools, feel free to reach out to our local team of expert gunite pool installers.

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