4 Ways Putting Off Landscape Maintenance Hurts You

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Your home’s landscape is the first thing visitors and those passing by see. If it is messy, unkept or otherwise disorderly, your home may give off an impression that you just don’t care. If you continue to neglect your landscape, your home’s curb appeal may suffer.

Getting to know why you shouldn’t put off landscape maintenance can help protect you from the following unwanted consequences of delayed care.

Reduced Property Value

If you continue to put off landscape maintenance, then it can hurt your property value, as well as the property value of your neighbors. Keeping things clean and orderly makes your yard, and your neighbors look better. On the other hand, a lack of maintenance indicates that other parts of the home are also neglected. This is referred to as the “Halo Effect,” which means that one thing can affect how people perceive other things.

Superior exterior maintenance gives the perception that you take good care of other parts of the property. The opposite is also true – poor curb appeal or maintenance will cause the perception that you neglect everything else, too.

You May be Perceived as a Slob

If you fail to take care of your property, then your neighbors and others passing by may perceive you as being “trashy, slobby, negligent or messy.” These are terms that have been used by others living next to people who fail to care for their landscape.

No Maintenance Wastes Money

When you invest in a landscape in a way that fits within the value of the home and neighborhood, it can increase the property values from 10 to 15 percent. Because plants and weeds are growing all the time, investing in your landscape but not maintaining it will cancel out all the landscape benefits. When you maintain your landscape, it will protect the investment you have made.

Keep in mind, investing in consistent care is more affordable than allowing plants to get overgrown and then having to pay someone to come over and get it back under control. When it comes to your landscape, consistency is a win/win.

Without Proper Care Your Landscape Will Decline

All types of plants, regardless of what they are, require care, fertilization, disease and pest prevention, and moisture monitoring. Also, beds need weeded and cleaned to prevent messes and bug infestations. Lack of proper care results in a decline in the health of your landscape.

When it comes to your landscape, consistently maintaining the area will protect your investment, improve neighborhood perception, and help the landscape last longer. If you’re unable or do not have the time to care for your landscape, consider hiring a professional who can proactively care for your outdoor spaces.

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